Brown County 4-H Update 3/19/2020

The following was sent to 4-H families on 3/19/2020 as a 4hOnline Email. It is also posted on our website with other 4-H newsletters at

Hello 4-H Families!

I know you are hearing from me more then normal, but I want to make sure you have all the information you need. Plus, there are some 4-H updates you need to be aware of! I’m going to touch base on a few things and answer some FAQs at the end of the email. I’m also posting this as a newsletter on the website and in 4-HOnline for you to access later and probably for easier reading. Right now, I’m sending out updates to everyone, as things slow down, I’ll shift back to sending targeted emails. To find it on the website:

Enrollment: As I’ve stated before, the April 1st enrollment deadline is still in effect. If you have submitted your enrollment online, you are set. It may still say pending. We confirm members and make them active once the head advisor has confirmed the members. If you need to submit your enrollment, please log into and submit your enrollment. This also goes for volunteers. We have several people who have not submitted their online enrollment. If you are a returning volunteer who did not attend the in-person training, you still need to complete the online modules. Please let me know if you need me to resend the instructions. If you need help with enrolling, please visit to see walkthroughs of how to enroll and videos to help. I’ll address a few things in the FAQs also. Still having issues? Contact us for help.

New Members: Do you know a new member who wants to join 4-H? If they would like to join your 4-H club, direct them to your 4-H advisor and they can help them with the online enrollment process. If someone still needs connected with a club, please have them contact me. If the member knows what club they want to join, they do not have to contact me.

Swine Exhibitors: Arriving in swine exhibitors’ mailboxes as early as yesterday is a letter from the Senior Fairboard discussing the banning of Ractopamine a feed additive commonly known by the brand Paylean. The Brown County Agricultural Society (Senior Fairboard) voted at their March meeting to ban the use of ractopamine in all swine projects. This is market-driven and is a zero-trace policy. The letter is posted on our website here:

Meetings: All club meetings/ functions are canceled/postponed/virtual from now until at least April 21st. Clubs do not have to hold virtual meetings, but it is allowed. Resources have been shared with organizational advisors. Additional resources are available from the state 4-H office: Clubs will need to work together to ensure enough meetings are held. We hope meetings are able to resume after April 21st but this is a rapidly changing situation. Thank you for working with us to still make this a great 4-H year.

Create with Christy: During at least the extended school break I am doing Facebook Live sessions on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at noon. These are 15-20 minutes long on educational topics. They are not 4-H specific but can be used. This week we covered SMART Goals and Writing Letters. Feel free to join in or watch the previous videos.

Quality Assurance: We still plan to offer in-person Quality Assurance dates. We have a PQA (April 24th) and General QA (May 26th) scheduled. We will update everyone if these dates should change due to restrictions etc. If you would like to complete your QA online, you may do so. There is a $12 fee that is the expense of the exhibitor. For more information on QA and online options visit:

Camp: As of now we are moving forward as if Camp is happening as planned. I may be the most upset if that isn’t the case, but now is a great time to work on scholarship letters for camp! Check out our camp dates and scholarship information here:

STEM Camp information is live on the website here: ; contact me for scholarship information!

ALL of our camps are open to all youth. 4-H membership not required!

Project Books: Because our office is closed, we are not able to receive project books at this time. If members want to order books directly, they can do that at This is at a higher cost and will have shipping charges. The state office is working on some options, but this will not occur until after April 1st. But if you want to order project books you can, but make sure you tell your advisor so they do not order books for you also!

Yours in 4-H!


Christy D. Clary

Extension Educator, 4-H Youth Development
OSU Extension, Brown County
Main Line: 937-378-6716
Direct Line: 937-892-3021

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I submitted my enrollment and I need to add/change projects, what do I do?
    1. If your profile is active you can add/change projects by logging into your profile, going to the participation page and then selecting projects. You can do this until 11:59pm on April 1st.
    2. If your profile is pending, you can email or and tell us what project changes you want to take and we will do it for you.
  2. Why is my 4-HOnline profile pending still?
    1. Members: your profile will remain pending until your club advisor confirms you are a part of that club.
    2. Returning Volunteers: you may need to still complete your volunteer training online if you didn’t complete an in-person training – due by April 1st to be recognized as a volunteer in 2020. Contact me at if you need me to send you the instructions again.
    3. New Volunteers: I will be in contact with how we are going to complete training in 2020 with current social distancing restraints.
  3. I can’t get logged into my profile? It tells me you aren’t accepting online enrollments.
    1. First try refreshing your browser. When I get this error, I usually just have to try again.
    2. Try switching browsers. The system only works for Chrome or Firefox.
    3. I do not recommend trying to do it on a phone, but a phone is better then Internet Explorer.
    4. Reset your password, even if it is correct that sometimes will fix issues.
    5. Refer to
    6. Feel free to reach out, sometimes we have to send things to the person in charge of this for all of Ohio.
  4. I have someone who wants to join 4-H for the first time, what do they do?
    1. If a new member has been in contact with a club advisor, they can submit their online enrollment following the steps for a new member. They do not need to contact me.
    2. If a new member needs help finding a club, refer them to me or to your club head advisor!
  5. Is XYZ event happening (occurs after April 21st)?
    1. As of now, Yes. We are moving forward as if all 4-H events after April 21st are happening. If that changes due to the current CDC, State of Ohio and Ohio State University suggestions and policies we will let you know. Please know that we understand there are a lot of questions right now. We are asking a lot ourselves. We hope that taking the measures we are across the country will help us get back to all our events faster!
    2. Please reach out if you have questions, comments or concerns. We will do our best to help you out, even if that is just a friend to talk to.

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