Estate Planning and Farm Transitioning Seminar Series

Regardless if you have a business in town or on the farm, you need a plan if you want to see that business continue to the next generation. Who will be in charge and what resources will be available to them to continue the business is only part of the plan. How you distribute assets to others may impact this. You need a plan – a plan in writing that is discussed and understood by all parties. Do you have that in place?

Even if you answered “yes,” there are many factors to consider that this program can help you with! Professionals will be present each night to give advice and answer questions for those who don’t have a plan and even those who would like to review their existing plan.

More information can be found on the attached flyer or by calling the Brown County Extension Office (937-378-6716). You must call to register. The cost for the program can be found on the flyer.

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