Volunteering at the Columbus Hot Chocolate 5k/15k

The same weekend I participated in the DSWS Day of Service I also volunteered for 6 hours at the Columbus Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. Here, I helped set up tables, filled and passed out cups with water and Gatorade, and I cheered the runners on once the race began. The race was one of the coolest races I have ever seen because it had different chocolate stands throughout the course and lots of goodies and snacks everywhere. My experience was pretty similar to the Columbus Marathon except I became a pro at using the Cota transit system and I got to explore Columbus. I feel that finding my own transportation to the race forced me to be very independent and resourceful which are good qualities to have in a leader. Because of service learning, I am an expert at setting up and helping out with races and I am more aware of the resources available on campus.

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