2023 Trials

Trial Vegetables

All descriptions and images are from the seed supplier this year Rupp Seeds.

indicates trials good for small spaces.

Cool-Season Vegetables

Camaro – 
Good root quality, uniform size, and shape. High marketable yield. Smooth skin, good internal and external color.
50 Days
Touchstone Gold – 
Offers higher germination rates, more uniform round roots, and less zoning than standard golden types. Solid green tops are long and attractive, and quickly shade out weeds. Vibrant golden yellow flesh retains its color when cooked and is sweet and more mild than red beets.
55 Days
Enterprise – 
A Seminis fresh processing cut and peel or slicing carrot with long, smooth, dark orange roots with a small core. Resists cracking. Strong top with good leaf blight tolerance.
68 Days
Chantenay Red – 

Chantenay have conical roots with broad shoulders and rounded tips. They have a rich, sweet flavor and also possess a good storage potential. They are an excellent type to grow from summer to fall and are adapted to various soil types. They usually size up well in clay soils with high organic matter content.
 75 Days

Breen –  
A unique variety due to its brilliant purple-red exterior color and the interior green color. Top closes nicely, resulting in a perfect formed heart. Great tasting with excellent shelf life.
45 Days
Freckles –
An Austrian heirloom, gorgeous with medium green leaves that are speckled with maroon. Holds well in the heat without bolting. Excellent flavor.
70 Days
Kona –

Kona is a mid-late, semi-savoy variety that is well suited for late spring/early summer or autumn production. It produces a dark green leaf with excellent thickness and pliability providing increased yield potential. High resistance to downy mildew.
45 Days

Olympia –

A fast growing and long-standing hybrid for early spring or late summer sowing. Tolerant to downy mildew.
45 Days

PEAS (Shelling)
Green Arrow –
Most popular pea contains the most peas in a pod (10-12), and is easiest to pick. Long, 4-1/2 inch pods grow in pairs up high on the vine for ease of picking. Exceptional yields of extra-sweet peas on 28 inch vines resistant to downy mildew and fusarium wilt. Benefits from staking.
68 Days
Legacy –
Good disease resistance for summer growing. Legacy can handle the warm summer temperatures which makes it successful to plant for either early or late harvest. Dark green foliage. Easy picking as it stands 20″ high and has two pods per node.
67 Days


Warm-Season Vegetables

Cobra –
Productive hybrid with an excellent disease package and outstanding fruit quality. Can be used on open ground or plastic production. Holds its length well even during periods of stress.
60 Days
Brickyard is an early maturing variety which features a strong multi-virus resistance package that includes downy mildew resistance.
50 Days
Contender is one of the best bush beans ever. It is a heavy cropper with round-oval pods and a strong, distinctive flavor. It’s an early bean that does well under short seasons and cool conditions, but it will thrive in hot weather too.
55 Days
Strike is a heavy yielding 5″ bean with great flavor. While it is very popular with commercial growers it is also ideal for home gardeners because of its earliness, its productivity, its flavor, and the fact that plants yield over a remarkably long period of time. Stringless.
55 Days
Golden Glory – 
A golden zucchini with added intermediate resistance to PM, WMV, and ZYMV, produces high quality uniform fruit on an open, upright, and vigorous plant.
50 Days
Liberty – Strong, open and spineless plant promoting ease of picking and less damage at harvest. Attractive glossy fruit maintain a cylindrical shape and twist off easily at maturity.

45 Days

TOMATO (Cherry)
Husky Cherry –

This particular type of tomato is named after its characteristics. A vine that is short and husky and produces a lot of sweet, juicy cherry tomatoes in a small space. This can be maximized in container gardening and small gardens.
65 Days 

Sweet Gold – 

A very early, indeterminate yellow cherry tomato with good flavor. Plants are high yielding and very vigorous – producing single and double clusters. Fruit are small and weigh around 10 to 15 grams.
65 Days

Mariana – 
A blocky, Roma type with thick walls and very good external and internal fruit color with excellent firmness and shelf life.
74 Days
San Marzano –
A step above your typical Roma with high yields. Classic Italian flavor with an extra kick! Great in sauces and baked dishes.
61 Days