2021 Trials

2021 Final Report


2021 Catalog

All descriptions and images are from the seed supplier this year Harris Seeds.

Cool-Season Vegetables

Broccoli (Must be started indoors)

Gypsy – Good heat tolerance and holding ability make Gypsy broccoli a winner for either spring or fall plantings. It also offers better uniformity and head shape than older varieties in this slot. Intermediate resistance to Downy Mildew.
Asteroid – High quality dark green heads are suited for crown cut, bunching and florets with a smooth dome and medium-small bead. Vigorous upright plants harvest easily with a clean stem and healthy foliage.


Stanford – Red Butter Romaine.  Great bolting tolerance. High resistance to Lettuce Dieback Complex, Downy Mildew (races 1-8, 16-33) and Lettuce Leaf Aphid  .


Newham – Green Little Gem Romaine. An improved spretnak type with thick dark-green leaves. Newham has excellent fill ll out, strong tipburn resistance and to Downy Mildew (races 1-8, 16-21, 23-26, 28-33), Lettuce L


Black Magic – The narrow, strappy leaves are deeply puckered for a gorgeous appearance. The upright plants are easy to harvest and offer improved bolt tolerance over traditional Lacinato strains.
Scarlet – The broad leaves grow on 2-3′ tall, upright stalks and have quick recovery after stripping. Great for bunching and can also be used as a bedding plant ornamental.


Regiment – Dark green mildly savoy traditional triangular leaves make nice full heads for bunching. Very good seedling vigor and excellent cold soil tolerance are vital for both spring and fall sowing. Resistant to Downy Mildew strains 1 – 7 & 11.
Whale – Resistant to 7 races of downy mildew. Whale produces good, early yields of oval, dark green, smooth-leafed spinach. It makes an excellent item for baby leaf and bunched spinach. The short upright plants have a large frame and carry resistance to downy mildew (races 1 to 7). Whale has moderate tolerance to bolting and tolerance to tip burn.

Peas (shelling or English)

Green Arrow – his heavy yielder bears slim, straight pods packed with 9 to 11 small, deep green berries. Exquisite flavor and tenderness makes Green Arrow ideal for fresh market or freezing, and efficient 24-28″ vines need no trellising. Intermediate resistance to FW and DM
Little Marvel – These prolific dwarf 18 to 20″ vines offer dependable, early yields. Abundant 3″ blunt-tipped pods are well filled with 5 to 6 plump berries of unusually fine sweetness and flavor when picked young. Little Marvel is early, develops its seeds quickly, and needs no trellis.

Warm-season Vegetables


Green Beans (bush)

Blue Lake 274 – developed from the famous vining Blue Lake, this easier-to-pick version produces over a longer season than other bush beans and brings back the meatiness, color and flavor of the good old days. Bush Blue Lake 274 green bean seeds are white and slow to develop, maintaining a long, smooth pod of delicious quality.
Amethyst – a purple podded specialty bean that is produced on a vigorous bush plant. The round pods are 5 to 5-1/2″ long completely string-less, and if the plants are kept picked, they produce continuously over a long period. The attractive and straight pods also have a uniform color. Pods lose their color when cooked in hot water.

Tomatoes (slicer)

Better Boy –   Indeterminate. Known for its heavy yields of large, globe-shaped red fruit, the Better Boy tomato is a better choice because of its great taste! Resistant to Al, F1, Vt and RN.


Striped German – The yellow fruit have a variable ribbed shoulder with shades of reddish-pink stripes, and a yellow/red marbled interior. Known for its delicious fruity flavor, smooth texture, and medium to large size. Deep oblate shaped fruit are produced on an indeterminate vine with a heavy leaf cover.


Bristol – Strong plants with improved intermediate resistance to downy mildew produce high quality, smooth, dark green fruit that measure 8″ long by 2″ in diameter. Bristol has strong yield potential and multi-virus resistance. Resistant to scab, Anthracnose, cucumber mosaic virus, angular leaf spot and zucchini yellows mosaic virus. Intermediate resistance to downy mildew, papaya ringspot virus and powdery mildew
 Dasher II – Dasher II has proven itself as a dependable hybrid slicer in major cucumber growing areas. Straight, classy, highly uniform, 8″ dark green fruit are set on disease resistant vines. Yields and quality get high grades.

Sweet Peppers

Carmen – This Italian sweet pepper produces heavy yields of wide-shouldered fruit that taper to a smooth point, and matures a week earlier than other varieties of this type. The sturdy plants grow 28″ tall and offer good protection to the fruit which measure 7″ long x 2″ at the crown. Carmen pepper matures from green to a brilliant red and has a sweet flavor when at full maturity.
Candy Cane Red – Eye-catching variegated foliage and fruit that ripen from green striped to solid red make this pepper very unique. Candy Cane Red’s medium sized plants produce high yields of cone shaped fruits that are 1¾”W x 3¾”L at the crown. The sweet flavor, thin walls, and crisp texture make this pepper perfect for fresh eating at any stage of ripeness.

Summer Squash

Sunburst – Baby squash, 2 to 3″ in diameter, can be harvested early on or fruit can be left to mature to a 5 to 6″ size. Good yields are produced on bush type plants. The fruit has a delicate buttery flavor.


Gold Rush – This golden zucchini has an eye-catching golden yellow color that makes it a favorite squash for market stands. The smooth, cylindrical, uniform fruit are borne on upright, open plants that are easy to pick.