2023 Vegetable Trials Underway

The 2023 Home Garden Vegetable Trials and the photos are starting to come in from around the state. Here are just a few.

One gardener had a little problem with rabbits and deer eating her seedlings last year. This year she added some protection.

All of these are from early in the growing season. Send your photos in to let us know how things are growing.

Freckles Lettuce_T.Burger

Breen Lettuce

Breen Lettuce_T.Burger


Deer and Rabbit protection_T.Burger

Seedling protection_T.Burger





2 thoughts on “2023 Vegetable Trials Underway

  1. 6/29/2023. It has been so dry and we finally got the much needed rain. Brickyard cucumbers germinated a little better for me than cobra cucumbers. They both look healthy but, will be slow to mature this year.
    In green beans, Contender is already blossoming. Strike is a little slower. They both germinated well.

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