2021 Home Garden Vegetable Trials

This marks the second year of the statewide Home Garden Vegetable Trials.

Be a citizen scientist and contribute to our vegetable trials for Ohio. We are looking for people excited about growing vegetables in their home gardens and then letting us know what they think. Youth and adults are welcomed to participate. Each trial contains two varieties that you will grow side by side to compare throughout the season. You can select multiple trials. For each trial you will get:
• seed for two varieties
• Row markets
• A garden layout plan to prepare your rows or beds
• Growing information specific to the crop species you selected, including planting date, plant spacing, nutrient requirements, etc.
• an evaluation sheet

You may participate in up to 5 trials. Select from Cool-season vegetables and Warm-season vegetables.
Now we are asking you to complete the sign up and send payment. Below is a list and description of each variety that will be used this year. Some are from organic sources, but a few are not. The vegetables are not experimental, but some have been released in the last few years. Others are old favorites being compared to new varieties to see if they still stand the test of time. All seeds are non-GMO (as all vegetable seeds available are non-GMO)
Each trial is $3. We have created a payment site. Please go through the sign-up process and select your vegetables. On the payment page, you can choose to pay by card or check. If you choose check, the details for filling out and sending the check will be displayed. Please send that in as soon as possible. You will also see the $8 charge for home delivery added to your bill. We have had to do this because our Extension Offices have been temporarily closed. You also have the option of registering and paying for more than one person while visiting the site. The deadline for ordering is February 28 for guaranteed participation and March 15 while supplies last. Visit the trial website for ordering information.

2021 Trial website

Events in February offers something for Everyone

Programs and Events include

  • Farm & Home
  • Forestry
  • Gardening
  • Farm Management
  • Specialty Crops

Farm & Home

2021 Tree and Wildlife Packet Sale

The Athens Soil and Water Conservation District is taking orders for the 2021 Tree and Wildlife Packet Sale! Orders will be taken until Friday, February 12, 2021. Tentative order distribution date is the last Friday in March. A postcard or email will be sent to confirm exact pick up date, location, and times. Be sure to include the number of packets ordered and your correct address and telephone number on the order form. Please complete the order form and mail it with your payment to: Athens SWCD 69 S. Plains Road The Plains, Ohio 45780.

Tree and Wildlife Packet Sale Brochure 
Ohio Pollinator Seed Mix and Ohio Pollinator (No Grasses) Seed Mix Information
Wildflower and Grass Seed Mix Information


Registration is now open for “Advice from the Woods” a Q&A session with professional foresters and wildlife biologists (February 12- 10 am)

Registration is open for our 2nd Virtual A DAY in the WOODS program for 2021,   “ADVICE from the WOODS”.

“ADVICE from the WOODS” will take place from 10 AM to noon on Friday, February 12 in the form of a Virtual question and and answer session with professional foresters and wildlife biologists including Stephanie Downs (ODNR-Division of Forestry), John Morton (ODNR-Division of Wildlife) and Dave Apsley (OSU Extension).  Other foresters and NR professionals will be recruited to assist depending on expertized needed to answer questions submitted in advance.

The program will be offered via ZOOM Webinar.  Click here to register!

Submit your forestry, wildlife and other natural resources related questions to Dave Apsley ( apsley.1@osu.edu) on on before February 5, 2021.


Backyard Wildlife – Backyards play an increasingly important role in wildlife conservation. Learn to help reduce the negative effects of habitat loss on birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife species in your area by creating a favorable landscape.

Marne Titchenell is a Wildlife Program Specialist with OSU Extension. She works to provide a variety of educational programs, workshops, conferences, and publications centered on wildlife ecology and biology, habitat management for wildlife, and managing nuisance wildlife species.  Continue reading Events in February offers something for Everyone