“Fall Treasures in your Woodland: Fungi, Lichens and More” offered by A DAY in the WOODS – 2nd Friday Series partners at the Vinton Furnace State Forest on October 12


Chicken of the Woods-Todd Hutchinson-USFS-NRS-

By David Apsley

October is a great time to be in the woods.  Fall foliage is often at its peak, and there is much more to see.  On the forest floor, mushrooms are often abundant and wildflowers including asters, goldenrods, and legumes are often still putting on a show.  Numerous lichens, which are a symbiotic association between fungi and algae, are visible on tree trunks, branches, and rock outcroppings.   Even dead and decaying logs can support many varieties of fungi, which play an important role in soil formation and nutrient cycling.  Fall Treasures in your Woodland:  Fungi, Lichens and More will help woodland owners and enthusiasts learn to identify and understand the contributions of these underappreciated organisms to the biodiversity of our forested ecosystems.

  • Explore the forest in search of fungi, lichens, and other organisms that are present in the fall, such as late-blooming woodland wildflowers.
  • Learn lichen identification and ecology from Ray Showman, author of The Macrolichens of Ohio.
  • Join Homer Elliott, Hocking College, on a foray to see and identify fungi that inhabit the forest floor environment.
  • Enjoy the fall woods, including the fall foliage and fall wildflowers.

The program starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.   A registration fee of $12 will cover the cost of lunch and program materials.  Please RSVP by calling OSU Extension Vinton County at 740-596-5212, or email Dave Apsley at apsley.1@osu.edu by October 8.

“A DAY in the WOOD” and the “2nd Friday Series” are sponsored by the Education and Demonstration Subcommittee of the Vinton Furnace State Forest.  The principal partners in this effort include Ohio State University Extension, ODNR-Divisions of Forestry and Wildlife, U.S. Forest Service, Vinton County Soil and Water Conservation District, National Wild Turkey Federation, Glatfelter, Ohio Tree Farm Committee, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Hocking College, Central State University Extension, The Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative, the Ruffed Grouse Society, and Ohio’s SFI Implementation Committee.

Since 2012, “A DAY in the WOODS” has nearly 60 programs with approximately 2,250 participants attending. More than 100 natural resources professionals have presented these programs to woodland owners and enthusiast just like you.  Be sure to mark your calendar so you are sure not to miss any of these great opportunities to spend A DAY in the WOODS: