Grazing Council

Join us Monday, July 31 for the next Grazing Council. We will be meeting at the farm of Chris Chmiel, Integration Acres starting at 6 PM. The farm is located at 9794 Chase Rd., Albany, OH. Chris will be giving us a tour of the pastures that he rotationally grazes. We will also be teaching how to do a pasture assessment. So, bring your clipboards and pencils. We will be giving you extra sheets so that you will be able go home and assess your own pastures.

July 31st Meeting Announcement

Taking a closer look

Many of you may have seen the new banner picture showing the Athens County Extension sign, but how many of you zoomed in to see what was growing at the bottom. Take a closer look. Can you name that plant?




It is horse nettle, a common weed in pastures, and it is in bloom. It is spiny and will produce a small orange fruit later on. Unlike many of our other weeds which are best controlled when they are very young, this weed is best controlled when it is blooming. Most pasture weed control products do a great job with this weed. For the homeowner a product containing 2,4-D or dicamba or the end of a hoe will do the job.

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