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Hi! My name is Emily Broski and I am a first year on the track to be a biomedical engineer. In high school, I was president of my BSA Venture Crew. My troop and I had the amazing opportunity to backpack through the mountains of New Mexico for twelve days: one of the most impactful trips of my life. Here at Ohio State, I plan on being a big part of Doctors Without Borders and Off the Lake Productions. As of now, the most ambitious goal for my future is to go to medical school. Though my plans may change, I’m certain that I want to devote my life to helping others. I’m looking forward to going abroad during my time at OSU to help those in need around the world. This upcoming summer (2020), I am travelling to Sri Lanka with Doctors without Borders to shadow doctors in different social class hospitals and go to underdeveloped villages to teach the children about personal hygiene. However, in my time out of school, I enjoy music and theater. Acting has always been a passion of mine and a great way to let loose and express myself on a different platform. I hope to either participate in Off the Lake’s productions or Ohio State’s theater department’s productions.


My top five strengths are Kindness, Love, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Honesty, and Social Intelligence. I believe kindness is the most important trait in a person. No matter what social class, race, gender, everyone can be kind and make a change in the people around them. This is the same for love. Being with someone you love brings so much happiness into your life and is very important to leading a successful life. The third strength also resonates greatly in my life through my travelling. One of my favorite things in life is to explore the world around me and discover new, beautiful things everyday. Honesty, to me, is the basis of any relationship. I see no purpose in being social if everyone is being someone they aren’t. I really value someone who is genuine and trustworthy. The last strength, social intelligence, is important in everyday life. Though school tests other kinds of intelligence, a person cannot succeed in life without also having a strong social intelligence.

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