Jeremy Brooks (Brooks_CV_2018):

I am an assistant professor in the School of Environment and Natural Resources and I have been at OSU since 2012. I am affiliated with the Environmental Social Science faculty group and the Sustainable and Resilient Economy Discovery Theme. I am also on the faculty leadership committee for the Environment, Economy, Development, and Sustainability (EEDS) major and the lead contact for the International Development specialization within this major. For more information on my background and interests, please see the “Research” Tab about, or see my CV (link above). Please contact me or any of the folks below for our thoughts on research and life in the School of Environment and Natural Resources at OSU.

When I’m not in the office or out doing research, I like to spend time outdoors with my family or in the rink playing hockey.



  • Atar Herziger: co-advised with Robyn Wilson and Nicole Sintov:

Dr. Herziger comes to us from the University of Cologne and she is partially funded by the School of Environment and Natural Resources and the SRE Discovery Theme. She is trained as an organizational, social, and economic psychologist and her research focuses on consumer behavior in pro-social and pro-environmental contexts – with a particular emphasis on sustainable consumption and consumption reduction.


PhD Students

  • Rongkun Liu: Current Student (co-advised with Alia Dietsch):

Landslides, knowledge, and land use practices:  How sudden events navigate the dynamism of coupled human-natural systems

  • Pranay Ranjan (’16) (Co-Advised with Tom Koontz): Postdoc, Purdue University

Dissertation: Institutions, Property Rights, and Innovations in Agricultural Drainage: Insights from the Western Lake Erie Basin of Ohio

  • Pranietha Mudliar (’16) (Co-Advised with Tom Koontz): Postdoc, University  of Denver

Dissertation:  Heterogeneity and Collective Action: Case Studies from the United States and India

Masters Students

  • Kelly Claborn (’16) – World Wildlife Fund: Research Analyst

Thesis:  Measuring the Environmental Efficiency of Well-Being in Columbus, Ohio


  • Matheus De Nardo (’16) – World Wildlife Fund: Conservation Evidence Intern

Thesis:  Exploring Salient Attributes and Status Perception of Proenvironmental Behavior


  • Ellen Eilers (’14) –  Outreach and Events Manager: Clean Fuels Ohio

Thesis:  Understanding Student Norms and the Result of Norm Conflict on Behavior


Undergraduate Honors students

Matheus De Nardo: Relationships between Status Perception and Pro-Environmental Behaviors

Olivia Miller: Evaluation of the Permaculture Movement and Its Limitations for Sustainable Transition

Paige Hagley: The Efficacy of Water Quality Communication: A Case Study of the Choctaw Lake Community

Kori Goldberg: How Physical Amenities Relate to the Mental Well-being of Columbus Residents

Mara Momenee: Exploring the Potential of Home Gardening to Increase Food Access and Enhance Community Development in Low-Income Urban Neighborhoods

Sophie Chang: Engaging in the sharing economy to improve the environmental efficiency of well-being

Dominique Provencher: Green infrastructure, physical activity and social well-being


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