To me, Global Awareness in the H&S GOALS is defined as contributing to the world’s problems in a way that could help solve them.  This semester, I’ve laid out my plan for my Undergraduate career, which involved selecting my career choice and diving into some research to get my feet wet.  Original Inquiry is how I plan to develop myself as a scientist during my Undergraduate career.  Getting my hand on some research would benefit me very well, but I also plan to get involved in some scientific communities on campus to deepen my knowledge on certain issues in the sciences.  Academic Enrichment is how I plan to excel in my academics and prove the world that I’m capable of becoming a scientist.  The rigorous coursework I have to take for my Molecular Genetics major will show my aptitude as a scientist.  Leadership Development is about training my skills to be an effective leader who gets the job done and earns respect amongst colleagues.  I will be an R-LEAD Peer Mentor in the Autumn 2016 semester and will be leading a group of individuals on their leadership development courses, which will show how much my current leadership skills need developing and how far they have come since high school.  Service Engagement is all about serving the community and helping others to develop the community in a way that shows spirit and teamwork.  Serving others has been a big part of my first year at Ohio State.  I’ve volunteered at my church during their blood drives, planted trees on the Olentangy River Watershed, and I’ve volunteered in my hometown as well.  I plan on developing all of my GOALS as I get closer to graduate school by engaging other professors for research and serving my community to make it a better place.