Semester #1 Reflection

At the beginning of the semester, my biggest problem was finding myself in a new community of unfamiliar faces and outgoing individuals who far exceed my performances; I know think that I’ve taken my first steps and found my path. The Scholar’s seminar has given me a lot of insight into different career prospects and other opportunities at Ohio State that I’ve used to search for my calling in life. I’ve now begun researching for research on campus to get my feet wet and delve into the world of scientific discovery, all to find out if research is right for me.  Before Ohio State, my faith life was very weak and misguided.  Now, my new friends have helped me in my path of faith and have guided me onto a path towards enlightenment.  Experiencing college level classes was not new to me because I enrolled in college courses in high school; however, the college environment was not something I quickly absorbed.  In the end, I managed my time to the best of my ability and planned all of my events accordingly.  Even though it’s been only one semester, I feel like it’s been a great start to the next 4 yeas of my life.  I realize now that it will only get tougher as college progresses, and these skills I have picked up in this first semester will be great tools to success in my new major, Zoology.