My First Lab Report


This report was my first lab report submitted as a student at Ohio State.  Coming out of high school, I was always great at science and did well in labs.  Coming to Ohio State, I was constantly afraid of failure and the difficulty of college labs, and I was very hesitant to submit this report.  I was afraid to look at my grade once I received it back from my TA, so afraid, that I never looked at it for 3 days.  Once I finally mustered the courage to look at it, I wasn’t disappointed.  I received an A and missed very few points overall.  I started browsing through it and noted my errors and other details on which I could improve.  After this whole dramatic performance of fear and suspense (sarcasm), I realized that my skills from high school were capable of succeeding in college and paved a path to start a new set of skills. The biggest lesson from this situation: it’s ok to feel fear, but don’t let it stress you out and control you.   College is a big transition in life, and stress will only undermine your performances.  Fear shouldn’t be ignored, only taken into account and assessed calmly.

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