Semester in Review

Who knew that one could learn so much about themselves in just one semester? I learned about the importance of the first semester of college and how it made me grow as a student. I am not afraid of leadership positions. One position that I started the beginning of the semester was an Office Assistant. Through this role I create an open and caring environment, provide for the resident’s needs, and responsible for various front desk tasks. I would characterize myself as a persistent person. As time and different experiences passed this semester, I learned that persistence is importance, but prioritizing certain drives is even more important. For example, it is better to focus and work hard on most of your classes rather than focusing all your time and energy on one class. I feel that I have grown as a student because I have learned to use various resources such as office hours and help from TA’s. Through the scholars program I have learned that there are many opportunities to get involved in areas of interest. I must be open to those opportunities and work hard to achieve them. Overall, I feel that I have evolved for the best as a person and as a student, and I cannot wait to see what the next three years has to offer me.


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