Semester in Review

Who knew that one could learn so much about themselves in just one semester? I learned about the importance of the first semester of college and how it made me grow as a student. I am not afraid of leadership positions. One position that I started the beginning of the semester was an Office Assistant. Through this role I create an open and caring environment, provide for the resident’s needs, and responsible for various front desk tasks. I would characterize myself as a persistent person. As time and different experiences passed this semester, I learned that persistence is importance, but prioritizing certain drives is even more important. For example, it is better to focus and work hard on most of your classes rather than focusing all your time and energy on one class. I feel that I have grown as a student because I have learned to use various resources such as office hours and help from TA’s. Through the scholars program I have learned that there are many opportunities to get involved in areas of interest. I must be open to those opportunities and work hard to achieve them. Overall, I feel that I have evolved for the best as a person and as a student, and I cannot wait to see what the next three years has to offer me.



I chose to be a Biological Science Scholar after applying for The Ohio State University for three main reasons. The first includes the Biological Science Scholars overall strive for success. The BioSci scholar members contain a strong personality and a passion for science. I knew that I wanted to be a part of this environment. Second, I knew this scholars group would prepare me for career opportunities, such as research and meeting with faculty. Finally, through BioSci I was able to participate in service and community events that helped me to grow closer to fellow members and allowed me to grow as a character.

Global Awareness: One characteristic of mine that has grown through the Biological Science Scholars program is being open-minded. In this program I was able to meet students coming from different backgrounds, tour research labs and interact with faculty, and be informed about study abroad opportunities.  I know this strong characteristic will help me fulfill my Resident Advisor position for the year of 2016-2017.
Original Inquiry: One component of the Biological Science Scholars program that excelled was the highlight of importance of research. This program encouraged me to engage in experiences ranging from in-class scholarly endeavors to creative inquiry projects to independent experiences with top researchers across campus and in the global community. For example, the variety of research lab tours and the research panel from past undergraduate BioSci scholars.
Academic Enrichment: In school I have always worked my hardest to push myself and partake in challenging courses. Being a Scholar students, I feel that this program creates a proportional balance between the pursuit of academic excellence through rigorous curricular experience in the classroom and beyond the university.
Leadership Development: Leadership positions and being involved are both important aspects in my life. Currently, other than BioSci, I am a member of the OSU Ski and Snowboard Team and hold the social chair position for the Arts and Science Student Council Organization. The Scholars program has helped me developed leadership skills that can be demonstrated in the classroom, in the community, and in my co-curricular activities. This summer I will be volunteering in a cancer research lab located in the Biomedical Research Tower.
Service Engagement: One aspect of the Biological Science Scholars program that I enjoy are the vast and diverse service opportunities presented.  A couple volunteer experiences I took part in was the Free Physicians Clinic in downtown Columbus, volunteering for the Hot Chocolate 5K, and volunteering for the American Red Cross.



Meet Alejandro. He is a 5 year old Nicaraguan boy, that I had the pleasure of meeting on my service trip to Nicaragua during the summer of 2014. The service trip I participated in was through International Samaritan.  The goals of this trip was to build a kitchen for the school, help assist teachers in classrooms, and provide various supplies to local families such as clothing, food, and basic household needs. Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America.  International Samaritan assigned my group to build a kitchen for a school in a rural area. This allowed students who were not able to get the proper amount of food at home, to have one meal at school. Through this trip, I not only learned about the Nicaraguan culture, but about myself.  The experience opened my eyes to a different perspective on my life and the world. I planned on going to this country to help and teach the children, but in the end, the children ended up teaching me. They taught me the value of true happiness, patience, and gratitude. After experiencing this trip, my love for traveling and helping people grew.  I had never considered becoming a doctor, but after experiencing this trip all my views have changed. I know now that I want to major in biology and go to medical school and volunteer for Doctors Without Borders.

About Me

Hello, my name is Camille Bratton.  I am currently a freshman at The Ohio State University. My major is biology and I plan on going to medical school after my undergraduate degree.  I am very school oriented and love challenging myself. When I am put in a new environment, I am able to adapt well and be successful.  I am not afraid to try new experiences.  Every time I get to experience something new, I not only get to grow in knowledge from the experience, but learn more about myself each time. I consider myself to be open-minded, creative, and responsible.