Gender-Friendly Classrooms

To what extent are classrooms gender neutral?  You might be thinking they are totally neutral, but think again and think globally.  “Today 57 million children are out of school – and most of them are girls” the UN Secretary General recently stated.

A resource exists to help schools create gender-responsive learning environments that I wanted to share with you. Let me know if this is a useful resource.



Programming Tool – Past Scratch

If you and your students have experienced Scratch ( and you want to go deeper into programming on the web but don’t have programming software in your computer lab, try Pex for Fun!

Teaching with Pex For Fun

Pex For Fun can be used to build interesting, engaging, demanding classes and homework on mathematics, algorithms, programming languages or problem solving in general. PexForFun provides special features to help Teachers:

  • Students can use Pex For Fun in any browser, at home or at school.
  • Teachers can see the student attempts at each Coding Duels.

Anyone care to duel?