Bring Back Our Girls

Bring Back Our Girls

We need your help! You may have seen news reports that on April 15th, dozens of gunmen stormed a Nigerian school and abducted more than 200 girls who were asleep in their dormitories. On Tuesday it will be three weeks, and they are still missing.  Time is of the essence. We’re working hard to raise global visibility about this terrible situation, and you can help.


This Tuesday – May 6 at 12pm EST – Girl Rising and Amy Poehler’s  Smart Girls initiative will co-host a Call to Action Google hangout, and we want you to be there. Please take part in this meeting of experts, organizers and passionate global citizens.  We’ll be discussing what’s happening and what we can all do to help – and we’ll share an “action pack” of tools so anyone can raise visibility about the unfolding situation and help build the momentum needed to get these girls home.



Tuesday, May 6 at 12pm EST/9am PST

Google hangout – Click here to RSVP and tune in.

Gender-Friendly Classrooms

To what extent are classrooms gender neutral?  You might be thinking they are totally neutral, but think again and think globally.  “Today 57 million children are out of school – and most of them are girls” the UN Secretary General recently stated.

A resource exists to help schools create gender-responsive learning environments that I wanted to share with you. Let me know if this is a useful resource.



Girl Rising

Last night I had an incredible experience viewing the film Girl Rising at the Columbus School for Girls at an event sponsored by The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio. The tag line for the movement is “Educate girls and you will change the world”   so you know I was already hooked before the film started.

The film gives voice to nine girls through storytelling that gives us a glimpse into their lives, sometimes it was hard to hear and see, but through it all they were so determined and dedicated to being educated and growing that you were in awe of their perseverance and resilience.  Interspersed with their individual stories were statistics about girls and education and how poorly we are doing in educating young women.

65 million girls are out of school globally.
EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2012.

The movement has started to bring this to light and the film starts the conversation about how we can all be involved.  Check out the web site and give me your thoughts on how we can take the next step.