Sustainability and Wellness Week

I am a little late to posting this, but wow, what an experience! Through my position as Sustainability Chair for Drackett Hall Council, I was able to work alongside my peers to put on a week full of programs pertaining to environmental awareness and overall well being. While the rest of Hall Council helped, overseeing it all was myself and the Wellness Chair, as this was our idea. This meant that we had to gather a committee, select the activities, prepare a budget, collaborate with advisers, and market our program. It took months of preparation, as Drackett Tower housed over 800 residents, and a lot of creativity and problem solving. There were bumps in the road. For example, the neighboring dorm would not let us sign out their grill. We had to cook food for 800 people using one stove and one microwave, in less than two hours. This was a crazy hurdle that we had not anticipated. However, with every burner on, every utensil used and all hands on deck, we were able to finish the week up on a high note! Not only did we have a great time with our friends, but we used this event to give back to the community by cleaning up the local river. Pictures of the trash collected and the schedule are attached to this post


Creative Coding

This past semester I worked along with three other freshman engineering students to bring to life the video game Hangman on MATLAB. I had no experience with coding previous to this project. For Hangman, I was responsible for the random word generation and the means to track correct and incorrect guesses. With over 100 lines of coding, I was able to successfully tackle this assignment. Here is the online link to the website I helped create focusing on our design process and our final product:

What G.O.A.L.S. means to me.

Global Awareness: 

The first step towards any change is awareness. Global awareness covers multiple aspects: social, political, economical, environmental, etc. While this is a broad range of issues, the most important aspect of global awareness is the way in which it can enrich our lives. Maintaining an accepting mindset and pushing ourselves to become aware of our surroundings allows us to understand this world much more clearly. Having awareness leads to better decisions and a greater connection to those around us. Within my next four years at Ohio State University and beyond, I am committed to opening myself up to new ideas and cultures, staying informed on the current status of both our environment and politics, and most importantly, becoming a strong member of my globally community. This is how I feel I can become as impactful as possible.

Original Inquiry:

Albert Einstein once said, “The mind that opens to a new idea, never returns to its original size.” This is a quote that expresses my viewpoint on original inquiry. By encouraging curiousity within curriculum, research projects, and out of the class room engagement, our mind will collect a vast range of experiences and knowledge that can be applied to other aspects of our lives. Learning is not an action that should be turned on and shut off. Instead, it is a mentality that I want to develop. Previously I have already conducted research of my own and that is something I plan on continuing throughout my life and within my time at college. By practicing original inquiry through these projects, I feel both myself and my ability to help others will grow.

Academic Enrichment:

Academic enrichment is gained both within and out of the standard classroom. Currently, I am enrolled in vigorous classes that will push me to develop strong studying skills and complexity within my thinking. These classes are providing me with the tools to become a successful engineer and will allow me to contribute original ideas to various fields of work. My secelected general education classes are also chosen to improve my education by developing me into a more well-rounded student.  I recognize that academic excellence is achieved out of the class room as well. Conducting projects, consulting with those around me, and stepping outside of your comfort zone are all ways in which I can learn new lessons and develop new ideas.

Leadership Development:

To me, a true leader is one that utilizes their skills to empower others. This can be developed in numerous ways. The most important thing when it comes to living this kind of life style is developing an understanding for what is going on around you and leading with compassion. Personally, I want to utilize my best strengths to become a developer of other people. I have a great ability to see the beauty in those around me, and I feel as though I can encourage them to capitalize on their skills in order to produce the best results. When in any leadership position, these are values I want to stick to in order to be the best leader I can be.

Service Engagement:

Personally, serving others is the most rewarding aspect of this life. By building up those around me, I feel as though the world is becoming a stronger and more beautiful place to be. Humility is also at the core of who I want to be, and serving others is the best way to practice that. By forming relationships with those around us, life becomes more meaningful. Small acts added up can transform the world, and this is something I will keep in mind within my next four years of school.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Recently, I decided to pursue a life-long dream of mine: skydiving. While falling from the sky, I learned so many valuable lessons. For one, I now understand that the best way to enrich our education is to step outside of our comfort zone.  When taking a risk such as this, our curiosity is hightened and our mind is opening itself up to new ideas. These are core characteristics of an acadmic mentality and should be applied to all aspects of our lives. I also realized just how grand and spectacular this Earth is. Seeing things from this unique angle has inspired me to form more meaningful relationships, ask more questions, and try to take in all that this world has to offer. Moving forward, I want to encourage myself to take more risks and couragesly puruse my passions, because this is what I truly believe makes life an adventure.

About Me

My name is Jamie Bradbury and I am a first year at The Ohio State University studying Environmental Engineering. I am from Geneva, Ohio which is a small town about an hour east of Cleveland and right on the lake. I chose to study Environmental Engineering because I have a great passion for the earth and those around me. As far as my career goals, I aspire  to one day work on worldwide issues such as water purification or pollution control. Previously, I have conducted my own research that focused on trying to find natural solutions to pressing issues. For example, I conducted studies to test if mushroom mycelium could clean up oil spills or if meal worms could break down Styrofoam. This dedication to research has influenced my career path and made me excited for the future! While in college, I hope to develop the skills necessary to have a successful career and get involved with all that OSU has to offer. Currently I am a member of A Moment of Magic, Hall Council as the Sustainability Chair, The American Society for Women in Engineering, The American Society for Environmental Engineers, and the Green Engineering Scholars Program. I am very fortunate to have so many opportunities and hope to capitalize on them all.