Vet Exploration Day

One experience that I had last month was the Veterinary Exploration Day. The day started with a speaker that talked about the admissions process of veterinary school. He talked about the importance of being diverse and resilient in order to be considered a “qualified applicant”. After the speaker, I got to be involved in two wet labs.

My first lab was based around large animal handling. The veterinary students brought us to the large animal hospital and gave us a small tour. The veterinary students showed us how to do a general physical exam on a horse. I learned how to check the horse’s vitals. I listened to the horse’s heart and gut sounds. I also got to take the horse’s temperature. After leaving the stables, we went to the food animal section of the large animal hospital. I got to see kidney stones that they extracted from a goat. One of the professors showed us their donor cow. The donor cow had a hole in its side so they could use the fluid in its stomach to help other cow’s with digestive issues. I got to put my hand in the cow’s stomach!

After the large animal labs, I went to the suture and hand tie wet lab. I learned how to do a few hand ties and how to suture. Suturing requires a lot of concentration and practice. I got to talk with a lot of the veterinary students and get a lot of first-hand advice and insight. We got to talk with a panel of veterinary students. They talked about their past experiences and experiences in vet school.

Overall, I enjoyed the amount of hands-on experiences I got at this single event. I enjoyed the social aspect of this event as well. I will definitely be attending next year.

Scholars Event: Columbus Zoo

I got the opportunity to go to the Columbus Zoo on September 24th. I met the other scholars students at the Union and got on a bus to the zoo that morning. I walked to the elephant exhibit and sat and watched for about an hour. After that, I walked to my tour. The zookeepers gave us a complete tour of the giraffe house. The giraffes at the Columbus Zoo are well taken care of! They get plenty of enrichment from the keepers and lots of mental stimulation. As well as getting a full tour of the giraffe house, I also got to feed one of the biggest male giraffes in the Columbus Zoo! It was really cool to be that close to such a beautiful animal. I learned about internship opportunities at the zoo during the summer. An internship at the Columbus Zoo is definitely something that I want to pursue during my time here.

Overall, I enjoyed going to the Columbus Zoo for the first time and getting such a hands-on experience. Being a scholar at OSU has provided me with a lot of opportunities already!


Year in Review

This semester has helped me grow as a student. The beginning of this semester was difficult. Living in a new state and adjusting to college life was a particular hard task for me. Throughout this semester I have developed efficient study habits and time-management skills. I have found people and activities to involved myself in that make me happy and proud to be a student here. I enjoyed getting involved in all of the activities offered by scholars because they opened up opportunities to meet new people who are interested in similar things as me.  I have learned a lot of things about myself in just the first fifteen weeks of school. I know that there is a lot more space and time left for me to grow, but I feel that this semester alone has helped me become a more efficient and confident student.


Global Awareness: Ohio State is the definition of diversity. Talking to different people from different backgrounds is something that happens on a daily basis, especially on such a large campus. As well as simply talking to a variety of people on campus, I also plan to study abroad during my time here. I want to travel to a country in Africa and learn about the efforts in conservation and the different African cultures.

Original Inquiry: Research is a resource that is very available to OSU students. I want to get involved in research as soon as possible. I want to work in a biology lab at some point. I find biology very interesting and getting involved in a biology lab of some kind will encourage me to be engaged in my learning.

Academic Enrichment: I am currently taking very challenging courses. Being on the pre-veterinary track definitely has its challenges, even in the first two months. Also, being in scholars and living with academically motivated people has really inspired me to continue working hard.

Leadership Development: Leadership is something that I want to improve in my four years here. I plan on getting involved in a leadership organization. I also want to get a leadership position on the executive board of the clubs that I am currently involved with. Leadership is a quality that more people need, including me.

Service Engagement: Service has always been a huge part of my life. I plan to continue my involvement in community service in college. I want to get involved in community service opportunities with animals, as well as with humans. I want to get a variety of different experiences in community service. I enjoy getting involved in my community and this is the perfect place to do it, especially with the infinite amount of opportunities offered to OSU students.


I plan to begin gaining experience for my career. Veterinary school requires a lot of experience with both animals and humans, so now is a great time to start! I plan to get involved in numerous opportunities offered to me through Pre-Vet Club, 4 Paws For Ability, etc.


The PAWS Animal Shelter is something that represents me because I started volunteering there when I was a freshman in high school and the work that I do there has really made an impact on my life. I have found my passion for working with animals at the shelter. Doing simple jobs like washing dishes, washing crates, or walking dogs was something that was fun for me because I felt like I was making a difference. I have met some of the most interesting people and some dogs with the most interesting stories. I definitely plan to continue working at PAWS when I go home for breaks.

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About Me

My name is Brenna Braasch and I am entering Ohio State as a freshman in August of 2017. I am majoring in Zoology with a focus in Pre-Veterinary Medicine. I plan to attend veterinary school and obtain a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine within my time at OSU. My dream has always been to work abroad as a veterinarian in conservation.  I have always wanted to make a difference on a worldly scale. Eventually, I would like to open my own veterinary practice. Working in veterinary medicine has been my aspiration for as long as I can remember.  After learning about the phenomenal veterinary program and the endless opportunities offered to the students at Ohio State, I was sure that this was the place that I needed to be.

I am from Alsip, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago. I am really looking forward to getting involved on campus. I want to join a veterinary club and the 4 Paws for Ability organization at OSU. I also want to get involved in some sort of research during my four years here.

One of my goals is to become a more social person and show my extroverted side more often. I am determined to try new things and learn a lot about myself and the world around me. I feel that OSU is the perfect place for me to do just that.