Over the summer I was a Collegiate Mentor for the Buckeye Student Leadership Academy (BSLA). The program, for rising high school seniors of a rural, minority, and/or future first-generation college student background informed them of the college application process, how to apply for scholarships, and how to better their leadership skills. I still check in with my mentees on their wellbeing and how I can assist them in their pre-college journey. Many environments strive to have a safe and brave space, but this is the first experience I’ve had that truly embodied this message. Not only was I able to gain skills applicable to any job setting (working collaboratively, being flexible, and relating myself to both a professional and a younger audience, to name a few), but I was also able to get more insight into the role of education in adolescence. Linking this experience to my program of study, it’s apparent that there are strong links between educational attainment/desire and the criminal justice system. To get to know my mentees and their stories truly illuminated how much education is of value. In whatever avenue my future career belongs to, I hope to continue to emulate my supervisors and fellow collegiate mentors in their pursuit of equal, quality education for all and lowering the disparities that exist.

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