Semester In Review

Last semester was a whirlwind that, in hindsight, went by so fast. It was filled with many firsts, from my first day of college to my first OSU football game as a Buckeye. I entered as a criminology major and I’m glad that this has proven to work out for me so far. I love learning and with this major it’s been really intriguing to learn some of the processes behind why we behave the way we do and the theory of crime along with crime statistics.


The start of college also signified my start as a Mount Leadership Society Scholar and Morrill Scholar. My whole life I’ve been involved in different advocacy, community service, and leadership experiences that I was glad to continue it with these two incredible programs. From going to retreat to attending Leadership Summit, it’s been a blast. I loved volunteering for various service events and even joining the R.O.W. (Recruitment, Outreach, and Welcoming) committee for Mount.

I also started my Girl’s Circle journey with participating in Women’s Circle. To prepare us for working with Columbus area girls and help us learn about ourselves, we were in small groups to discuss our own experiences as women. I found this to be very powerful and motivating just to have a place where I could go during the week, leave whatever else I was dealing with at the door, and just have open dialogue with other women. Every week that time was so therapeutic and refreshing to be able to release my feelings from different life experiences I’ve had, while learning more about myself and the women around me. I look forward to leading a Girl’s Circle this semester and not only make an impact on these young women, but also continue to learn more about myself.

This semester I hope to continue my academic progress and drive. I’m excited to pursue new academic and career focused opportunities along with continuing to develop my leadership and interpersonal skills. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead and I look forward to more experiences with my fellow Mounties, MSP, and Girl’s Circle!


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