Year in Review

Over the course of this school year, I’ve had access to many extraordinary experiences and opportunities. Whether it was volunteering with Mount, traveling to Washington D.C., being a Morrill Scholar, or leading elementary schools girls in promoting self-esteem and empowerment with Girls Circle, It’s been amazing to be a Buckeye. I’ve witnessed myself grow not just academically, but professionally and personally.  I’ve been able to immerse myself in an entirely different environment and learn what values and beliefs I truly want to have for myself. Not only did I make the adjustment to the chaotic world of college, but I’ve learned so much about myself. I’m able to handle conflict well, a skill I’ve continually been working on. I’ve also been able to grow in experiences where I’ve been placed outside of my comfort zone. Through personality tests I took with Mount, I learned my Clifton strengths and VIA personality traits. These helped me put into words the characteristics of my personality and my strongest skills.

I also feel more confident in my choice of major. When I initially entered college I picked my path of study relatively randomly, but through taking classes and interacting with different professionals and alumni, I feel more secure in my path of criminology. I also recently made the addition of security and intelligence as a minor; I’m still contemplating adding an additional major or minor. While I’m not yet certain of what lies ahead, I currently have aspirations towards becoming an intelligence analyst. I’ve just finished one section of my college journey, but I’m excited for what my next years of college have in store.

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