Artifact 1

This past weekend I traveled to Girl Scout Camp Ken-Jockety to go camping with members from my old Girl Scout troop. Growing up, I was always active in Girl Scouts, and with that camping. Girl Scout camp is one of the first places I can remember enacting my leadership skills and finding out characteristics about myself.

Having the opportunity to get out of city and reconnect with nature is something I always find to be valuable, especially amongst a busy life as a college student. Not only to be able to encounter things you don’t see amid everyday life on campus (such as the stars at night, the various animals that inhabit the land, and and the quiet of being outdoors), but also being able to focus solely on yourself and what is around you. Having the time to think about your aspirations, goals, and inner self in an environment that highlights these notions is breathtaking. Coming back to a place where I began my leadership experience, has now come full circle with where I am in my OSU experience as a Mount Scholar.

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