About Me

My name is Logan Bowen and I am a freshman attending The Ohio State University in hopes of graduating with a degree in engineering. Although my major is currently undecided in which field of engineering I would like to specialize in, I believe that I will choose the exact major right for me in due time. I grew up near Cleveland with two older brothers and an identical twin who I am still very close with. I am a studious person who tries to keep on top of things and likes to keep organized. I am also the kind of guy who likes to enjoy every moment in life. I like to play soccer, beach volleyball, and tennis. I also like to go swimming, watch Netflix, and play video games in my spare time.

Along with all these interests, I am trying my best to get involved on campus. Back at my high school I was a very involved student. I was a part of NHS, HUDDLE, Key Club, Model UN, International Club, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Tennis Team, and even President of our high schools Chinese Club. So far at OSU, I am a part of the running club, have done volunteer work, and plan on doing a lot more as time goes on and I try all sorts of different things! In the classroom, I am taking a lot of science and math related topics. With that in mind, I feel like I learn best with a hands on kind of structure. Its what I enjoy most, doing something that makes the learning more involved like in a lab setting. Overall, I am planning to make this college experience both fun and successful!

Gallup Poll 5 Strengths:

Learner: I feel like I can connect to being a learner because I absolutely love to learn. I always pushed myself by taking the hardest courses in high school, wanted to take as many GE’s as possible, and love watching trivia shows!

Positivity: I feel like I can connect to positivity because I usually have a lot of energy and love to talk all the time. I just like to laugh a lot and I like to make other people laugh too while also helping turn anyone’s frown upside down!

Relator: I feel like I can connect to being a relator because I like to make friendships and connections, especially ones that I feel really strong about. For example, in games like Mafia or Secret Hitler I always trust people a little too much and they end badly for me, but I love playing the game with friends as I feel like it makes us closer!

Communication: I feel like I can connect to communications because I enjoy talking… a lot. I love to talk about my feelings, about my plans, about everything and I love when people listen and talk back to me about it!

Includer: I feel like I can connect to Includer because I don’t like when people are left out, so I always try to get people involved. I usually make plans with friends and then invite anyone who cares to come, or anyone that I think would like to come!