High School:

My tennis team experience is one of my greatest experiences and explains a lot of who I am. The picture is of me on my senior year varsity poster for tennis. I was part of the tennis team for 3 years and I am super proud to show this poster because it was the only year that I had finally honed my skills enough and made it onto the varsity team. That dedication to the team and all the time I spent practicing and doing matches can be shown in this poster. The poster is basically a trophy to me, and it was on display in the spring season for everyone to see my hard work which made me feel even more special. This poster shows my hard work, my dedication, and my love for playing sports and doing extracurricular activities.


Freshman Spring Semester:

My experiences going to the gym and doing extracurricular activities here at college has been one of my favorite times and explains a lot of who I am. The picture is of me on the rock climbing wall in the ARC. This was the first time that I have gone rock climbing in my entire life and I was scared, but also really excited. To me, that represents a lot of what I am going through this first semester of my freshman year. I’m kind of scared to go through it, but I am also really excited to try new things here at college. It also shows how much that I have been doing outside of the college classes. I love to go out and experience all of the new things around campus and around the Columbus area!







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