Year in Review

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               I’ve chosen to do the ice cream and dessert list to do for this semester. I’m most looking forward to exploring all the cool places to get sweet treats from. I feel like that information will definitely help after Midterms and Finals to distress! I hope that this experience will help me get out and visit all of Columbus’s attractions. I figure that if I go out for desserts, I will also head out to find all the different places around it. So far, I have gone to Jeni’s ice cream place and I loved it!

               Jeni’s ice cream place was great. Its location on high street makes it convenient to bus to. At Jeni’s, I was interested to find all the interesting flavors. They did not just stop at vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. They had an array of different flavors, some sounding delicious, like pumpkin 5-spice, and others sounding very interesting, like sweet potato éclair. It was a blast tasting a lot of the weird flavors with friends. I would absolutely recommend going here for a fun, night time treat to a friend and Jeni’s can expect seeing me walk through their doors in the future!



Destination Donuts was a cool doughnut place I found while searching around North Market. Its area in North Market makes it a cool place to go because you can go there if you are in the taste for anything, from polish food to pretzels. The coolest part about Destination Donuts is that they change the different donuts that they have available to eat so everyday you could get a different flavor of donuts which makes it a place to go back to! Going here makes me want to try out all the other places in North Market as I’m sure they are just as interesting. I would definitely come back here for a doughnut snack and would definitely recommend friends try it out as well!

Simply Rolled was an ice cream shop with a twist. They create all the ice cream in front of you and also roll the ice cream up instead of scooping it! It was an interesting way to prepare ice cream and they had very creative flavors as well! They had Oreo to strawberry banana to pecan pie! The area it was in was similar to Jeni’s, on high street and easy to get to by bus. I’m not sure if I would go back to get rolled ice cream, but it was definitely a great experience to have. I would recommend anyone who has never been here to go for the first time!

Chop Shop was a burger place that seemed oddly familiar to 5 Guys. They offered a selection of burgers, fries, shakes, and beers (if you were of age of course!). You could go there by yourself or buy an entire tray of fries with your friends, which is what I did! The food their was good, but nothing really stood out to me as compared to any other burger place around campus like Stack City or the already mentioned 5 Guys. Although the distance is very close to North Campus which makes it very convenient to go to if you’re craving a good burger. Overall, it was a fun experience to go with a group of people and its definitely the burger place to go to because of its convenience and good food!


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High School:

My tennis team experience is one of my greatest experiences and explains a lot of who I am. The picture is of me on my senior year varsity poster for tennis. I was part of the tennis team for 3 years and I am super proud to show this poster because it was the only year that I had finally honed my skills enough and made it onto the varsity team. That dedication to the team and all the time I spent practicing and doing matches can be shown in this poster. The poster is basically a trophy to me, and it was on display in the spring season for everyone to see my hard work which made me feel even more special. This poster shows my hard work, my dedication, and my love for playing sports and doing extracurricular activities.


Freshman Spring Semester:

My experiences going to the gym and doing extracurricular activities here at college has been one of my favorite times and explains a lot of who I am. The picture is of me on the rock climbing wall in the ARC. This was the first time that I have gone rock climbing in my entire life and I was scared, but also really excited. To me, that represents a lot of what I am going through this first semester of my freshman year. I’m kind of scared to go through it, but I am also really excited to try new things here at college. It also shows how much that I have been doing outside of the college classes. I love to go out and experience all of the new things around campus and around the Columbus area!







About Me

My name is Logan Bowen and I am a freshman attending The Ohio State University in hopes of graduating with a degree in engineering. Although my major is currently undecided in which field of engineering I would like to specialize in, I believe that I will choose the exact major right for me in due time. I grew up near Cleveland with two older brothers and an identical twin who I am still very close with. I am a studious person who tries to keep on top of things and likes to keep organized. I am also the kind of guy who likes to enjoy every moment in life. I like to play soccer, beach volleyball, and tennis. I also like to go swimming, watch Netflix, and play video games in my spare time.

Along with all these interests, I am trying my best to get involved on campus. Back at my high school I was a very involved student. I was a part of NHS, HUDDLE, Key Club, Model UN, International Club, Mock Trial, Science Olympiad, Tennis Team, and even President of our high schools Chinese Club. So far at OSU, I am a part of the running club, have done volunteer work, and plan on doing a lot more as time goes on and I try all sorts of different things! In the classroom, I am taking a lot of science and math related topics. With that in mind, I feel like I learn best with a hands on kind of structure. Its what I enjoy most, doing something that makes the learning more involved like in a lab setting. Overall, I am planning to make this college experience both fun and successful!

Gallup Poll 5 Strengths:

Learner: I feel like I can connect to being a learner because I absolutely love to learn. I always pushed myself by taking the hardest courses in high school, wanted to take as many GE’s as possible, and love watching trivia shows!

Positivity: I feel like I can connect to positivity because I usually have a lot of energy and love to talk all the time. I just like to laugh a lot and I like to make other people laugh too while also helping turn anyone’s frown upside down!

Relator: I feel like I can connect to being a relator because I like to make friendships and connections, especially ones that I feel really strong about. For example, in games like Mafia or Secret Hitler I always trust people a little too much and they end badly for me, but I love playing the game with friends as I feel like it makes us closer!

Communication: I feel like I can connect to communications because I enjoy talking… a lot. I love to talk about my feelings, about my plans, about everything and I love when people listen and talk back to me about it!

Includer: I feel like I can connect to Includer because I don’t like when people are left out, so I always try to get people involved. I usually make plans with friends and then invite anyone who cares to come, or anyone that I think would like to come!