Welcome to my Honors & Scholars e-Portfolio

Welcome to my e-Portfolio! My name is Sydney Bostjancic and I am a first year student at The Ohio State University. I am also a Biological Sciences Scholar. This e-Portfolio shows my reflections on all my experiences at The Ohio State University.

Year in Review

Semester in Review:

The Biological Sciences Scholar Program has offered many different experiences that have helped me grow as a student and as a person. I’ve expanded my knowledge of the program itself and how the program can benefit me now and further in my academic and career future. The Biological Sciences Program has also increased my interest in possibly specializing in zoo veterinarian medicine with the behind the scene visit to the Columbus Zoo. There also has been different types of services that I’ve been exposed to through this program such as helping in a dog adoption day, volunteering my time at the Sarcoma walk from start to finish, and participating in Adopt a Family. I’ve met a lot of amazing people through the Scholars Program in my intramural soccer team. The start of my college experience I’ve been very dedicated to my studies and Biological Sciences has encouraged me to do my best and achieve in all my classes. The Scholars Program has taught me about GOALS and how they are very important to the program and to me as an individual. Through my seminar class I’ve learned many different wells to get involved in each of the letters. I’m excited to see how much more I’ll grow as a student and as a person through the Biological Sciences Scholar Program in the future.


Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .

In order to pursue Global Awareness I would like to study abroad so I can learn more about the different culturals  that are all around the world. I also would like to help out people and different animal species that are in need. Studying abroad will widen my knowledge and experience in global awareness.

Original Inquiry: Honors & Scholars students understand the research process by engaging in experiences ranging from in-class scholarly endeavors to creative inquiry projects to independent experiences with top researchers across campus and in the global community. For example, consider research, creative productions or performances, advanced course work, etc.

During my time here at The Ohio State University I would like to participate in undergraduate research, so I can learn more about a subject that I am interested in-like veterinary medicine. Working in a lab will help me figure out if I want to continue to do research in the future during my career and will expand my knowledge of how to conduct a lab and use data to support my research.

Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.

As a Honors & Scholars student, I am prepared to take courses that will challenge me intellectually. These rigorous course shall make me a better learner and help me continue down the path of success.

Leadership Development: Honors & Scholars students develop leadership skills that can be demonstrated in the classroom, in the community, in their co-curricular activities, and in their future roles in society.

I would like to achieve a leadership position in a club that revolves around my interests as well as become a leader in the community by working my way up the ladder.

Service Engagement: Honors & Scholars students commit to service to the community.

Giving back is one of the best feelings; knowing that you are helping someone in need. I plan to volunteer my time in local animal shelters and serving the hungry. I did this in high school and I would like to continue these volunteering services while I am here in Columbus.


Sydney Bostjancic

Bostjancic.1@osu.edu * 330-523-8942

Campus Address: 0032 Barrett House, 88 W Woodruff Ave., Columbus, OH 43210

Permanent Address: 9413 Westwood Dr., Macedonia, OH 44056


The Ohio State University                                                                                                                                                            Columbus, Ohio

Bachelor of Science, major in Biology                                                                                                                                       Expected May 2021

Biological Sciences Scholar                                                                                                                     GPA: Initial GPA Pending December 2017


  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry


  • Socialization with cats and dogs
  • Filing
  • Microsoft Word and Excel


Hudson Veterinary Hospital                                                                                                                          Hudson, Ohio

Shadow/Student Intern                                                                                                                                                                         May 2017

  • Interned for a total of 28 hours
  • Shadowed the veterinarian and veterinarian technicians during the morning and afternoon shifts
  • Helped handle the animals for appointments, operation, and in the kennel
  • Cleaned the animals’ teeth
  • Observed appointments, surgeries, dental, vaccinations, and sprays/neuters

Humane Society of Summit County                                                                                                                         Twinsburg, Ohio

Volunteer                                                                                                                                                                January 2016-present seasonal

  • 32 hours of service
  • Socialize the cats and dogs
  • Walk the dogs
  • Observe the behaviors of the cats and dogs


Macedonia Family Recreation Center                                                                                                                   Macedonia, Ohio

Front Desk Attendant and Tot Room Attendant                                                          March 2016-August 2017 part-time; August 2017-present seasonal

Front Desk Attendant

  • Greeting patrons, assisting patrons, filling out different forms, answering the phone, setting up birthday parties
  • Using Microsoft Word and Excel and Sportsman Program
  • Opening and closing the building

Tot Room Attendant

  • Caring for up to 8 children ages 18 months to 8 years while their parents or guardians worked out
  • Keeping the room clean for the children


  • Biological Sciences Scholar: Global Awareness, Original Inquiry, Academic Enrichment, Leadership Development, and Service Engagement
  • Pre-Vet Club at The Ohio State University

Honors & Scholars Event:

September 24th, 2017: I went to the Columbus Zoo with a Biological Sciences Scholar group and went on a behind the scenes tour of the zoo. Before going to the zoo I’ve had the interest in becoming a zoo veterinarian and after the trip and tour I have an even stronger interest and hope to pursue an internship with a zoo. This picture is significant to me and my career aspects, because tigers have always been one of my favorite animals at the zoo and I would love to work with them in the future.


Image result for humane society of summit county logo

During high school I volunteered at the local animal shelter. I have a passion for animals and wanted to start getting some experience with animals that is needed for Veterinary School. For the most part I volunteered in Kitty City socializing the kittens and cats that were in the shelter. I love it there and hope to be able to volunteer my time at the local animal shelter of Columbus.

Scholar Events:

September 17th, 2017

For the service part of the scholar GOALS I love working with animals as well as people. Steps for Sarcoma was a perfect way for me to help both people and animals that suffer from Sarcoma. I helped with registration, raffle and 50/50, and clean up for this event and it was amazing to see not only all the survivors there, but all the people that came to support this event and raise money towards finding a cure for Sarcoma.

October 21st, 2017

As I said before, I love working with animals. For the veterinary school application, animal handling/care hours are needed, so helping this dog adoption gives me more hours and helps this lovely dog hopefully find a home.


About Me

Hi, I am Sydney Bostjancic and I am from Macedonia, Ohio-which is about twenty minutes south of Cleveland. I am thrilled to be attending The Ohio State University where I will be pursuing a degree in biology on a pre-veterinary track. When I graduate from The Ohio State University, I want to continue my education at Veterinary School to become a veterinarian. I am very passionate about animals and have had a love for them since I was a little kid. My passion has led me to volunteering at the local animal shelter and interning at a veterinary hospital. That passion has also played a huge part in me choosing to be a veterinarian as my career. All of this has led me to The Ohio State University where I am a Biological Sciences Scholar student and will hopefully be joining clubs and taking advantage of all the opportunities the University has to offer.