Service Engagement: Using Technology Skills For Good

Since discovering my love for technology in high school, I have been dedicated to sharing my passion and knowledge for technology with others. In high school, I spoke at district-wide board meetings to promote the school’s new Cisco Networking Academy, I spoke to middle school students about technology courses and careers, and I organized a technology themed activity for the elementary school’s STEM night. Since starting college, I have continued sharing my technology skills through service. I volunteered at a National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) AspireIT reunion event and a kid’s Hour of Code event. I also spoke about my technology experiences at the Columbus Women in Tech 2018 Conference and a Counselors for Computing workshop in 2019. Along with these one-time events, I have also helped a local business start their first website over the course of several months. I helped the business owner learn about WordPress and taught them how to manage and update their website on their own. I also visit the high school that I graduated from a couple times every year to talk to students about my experiences in college as a Computer Science and Engineering major.

All of these experiences have helped my passion for technology grow. I love being able to share my experiences and knowledge with others so that they may discover their own love for technology. As a woman in the computing field, I am always looking to get more young woman involved and engaged with the field. The events that I have volunteered or spoken at have put me in direct contact with many young woman trying to decide what career path to pursue. I hope that my actions and words can help encourage them to consider a career in computer science. Even if technology isn’t a good match for every girl that I talk to, I hope that at least being exposed to a woman in technology can help them see that technology is not a boring desk job overrun by men. If anything, technology is the complete opposite. It’s innovative, collaborative, and constantly changing. I plan to continue sharing my passion for technology with others, and my Capstone Project is helping me achieve that. My Capstone Project allows me to use my technology skills to create a meaningful mobile application to help improve the lives of STEM EE Scholars. In the future, I look forward to learning more about technology and using my knowledge to further improve the lives of those around me.