First Year Welcome

My name is Paige Bormann, and I am a determined, easy-going, and excited first-year student at The Ohio State University! I am a pre-major in Computer Science and Engineering, however my interest in computer science began long before my first year of college. Throughout my time in high school, I took a variety of technology courses with topics such as office applications, web design, programming, and computer networking. These courses helped to improve my technological skills, but they also helped me realize an upsetting fact: there are more men than women in technology careers.

Since learning this fact, I promised myself that I would one day work in the technology field and help encourage other girls to pursue their interest in technology. Fulfilling this promise to myself has included the following: earning my Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT) certification, receiving a $3,000 grant from the National Center for Women and Information Technology to lead an AspireIT technology program for girls, and being a speaker at the third annual Columbus Women in Tech Conference.

During my time at Ohio State, I plan to strengthen my programming, engineering, and leadership skills to make myself a stronger applicant for the Computer Science and Engineering major and internships. I have joined the STEM EE Scholars program to create new connections and learn how to create relevant and useful technologies for others. Hopefully, my time at Ohio State will challenge me in new ways to help me become the successful woman in technology that I have always dreamed about!