Current Work

Ohio State Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Telecommunications Network Center (TNC): May 2019 – Present

I started working at the TNC after I completed my first year at Ohio State. I wanted a job that would provide me with Computer Science related real-world experience. Although my major focuses on programming, I have been able to apply my programming skills to networking topics on a variety of projects. I taught myself Python and how to work with Unix to write scripts to automate processes that otherwise would have been done by hand. My scripts have found discrepancies between database information and device configuration, pulled information from database APIs, and generated the necessary configuration files needed to switch 100+ devices from one VLAN to another. My scripts have successfully been used to save time and energy on notoriously tedious tasks, and they are capable of being used for similar tasks in the future. When I began working at the TNC in the summer, I worked about 21 hours/week. During the semester when I am a full-time student, I work 10 hours/week.


  • Experience working with Python & Unix
  • Applied programming knowledge to familiar or brand-new topics to write useful scripts
  • Strengthened ability to determine what client wants and how to practically achieve it with programming

Canal Winchester Chamber of Commerce: June 2017 – February 2020, June 2020 – Present

Originally hired as an office intern for the summer of 2017 (~32 hours/week), I proved my work-ethic and technological skills valuable. My main responsibility was to update member information in an online database, ChamberMaster, by calling, emailing, and sometimes visiting Chamber members. Throughout the summer, I demonstrated my ability to help manage general member communication via Constant Contact emailing service and event planning. After the summer of 2017, I was asked to stay for the remainder of my time in high school (~10 hours/week), and when it was time to start college, I was asked to work remotely from campus (~4-6 hours a week). My responsibilities after starting college evolved to focus on member emails, event organization, website updates, and social media posts. I helped craft newsletters, email reminders, event flyers, event programs, and more. The work that I do at the Chamber is not always the most technical, but I enjoy helping the community in which I grew up expand its business opportunities and events.


  • Improved communication skills via email, phone, and in-person conversations
  • Properly managed sensitive member information like address, billing records, and credit card information
  • Designed email and event templates for newsletters, flyers, invitations, thank-you cards, and more

Past Work

Amazon Warehouse: June 2019 – August 2019

After starting my job at the TNC in May 2019, I soon decided that being paid a student wage part-time wasn’t going to help me pay for the upcoming academic year’s tuition. I wanted to keep my job at the TNC since I was gaining valuable career experience, but I also needed a way to make more money. I started working at Amazon as a warehouse associate (~20 hours/week). My shifts were 10 hours long, and I was on my feet all day stowing items into inventory. This was definitely not my ideal job, but I learned a lot about work-ethic and making sacrifices in order to achieve my goals. Since I planned to work at the TNC once classes started again in August 2019, I decided to stop working at Amazon so that I wasn’t working 30 hours/week as a full-time student.


  • Improved work-ethic and ability to motivate myself to continue working in challenging conditions
  • Learned importance of re-evaluating and making adjustments to achieve goals
  • Developed stronger sense of understanding and appreciation for those on different career paths than myself

Ohio State Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) Department: January 2019 – April 2019

During my second semester of my first year at Ohio State, I wanted to challenge myself outside of the classroom. I began working as an Office Assistant in the CBE building (~10 hours/week) along with taking a full-course load. I worked directly with the Communications Coordinator and the Graduate Program Coordinator of the CBE Department. My responsibilities included sorting mail, planning events, updating digital display signs, and starting the process of updating graduate student email reminders. I applied a lot of my skills from working at the Chamber to this job, but I also was able to witness and learn about the differences between the way in which small, local businesses operate when compared to a large organization. Ohio State had a lot of preset standards and guidelines that I had to follow when designing content or planning events that I didn’t have to worry about at the Chamber.  Although I enjoyed my time with the CBE Department, I decided to leave after one semester to work at a job more closely related to my major.


  • Learned and upheld organizational-specific standards when designing content and planning events
  • Strengthened time management skills by balancing full-course load and part-time work
  • Improved teamworking skills by collaborating with other students to manage digital displays