Capstone Update #3: Logs Tab


The purpose of the logs tab is to give scholars easy access to all the Google Forms used to log their scholar requirements. This tab has three labeled sections: First-Year Scholars, Second-Year Scholars, and Third-Year Scholars. Each section has the logs listed for each year from the STEM EE’s Scholars website. Each button is the link to a different Google Form, and scholars can easily decide which button to click based off of its labeled description. This tab, combined with the Requirements Tab, allows scholars to check-off their events as they do them and then log the same event all in one place with just the click of a button.

Since I have each user’s year in school, I could display only the buttons that pertain to their current year. However, I wanted to leave the logs for all years on the same page. Leaving all the logs together allows users to get an idea of what they’ll be expected to do in upcoming years as a scholar. Also, once a scholar reaches their fourth year and beyond, there are no more logs for them. Due to this, fourth-year scholars and older wouldn’t have any purpose or relevant content for this section of the app. So leaving the Logs Tab the same for all scholars regardless of year solves more problems than it creates.

Figure 1. Logs Tab.


The most difficult part of this section was figuring out how to link a button to an external web page. However, a quick Google search on what code was needed to do so was fairly simply. I have learned a lot about content layout and structure within XCode, so creating the interface for this tab was a lot easier compared to when I first started working with XCode. This tab is probably one of the easiest to implement since the content remains the same for every user. But, as mentioned in the Overview section, leaving the content the same seems to be the most reasonable option. The time that I saved by completing this tab quickly will allow me to focus on and improve the more challenging tabs.