Capstone Project

What is a Capstone Project? 

Second Year STEM EE Scholars are required to complete a capstone project. This project is completely designed and implemented by the scholar. Each capstone project involves writing a proposal, logging 40+ hours of capstone work, posting updates on ePortfolio, composing a paper at the end of the capstone, and presenting at a poster symposium with other scholars.

STEM Ease App – My Capstone Project

Mobile applications have become a necessity for simple every day tasks. Even the thought of checking the weather or reading emails by logging onto a computer and going to the respective website seems tedious when compared to the ease of an app. At The Ohio State University, STEM EE Scholars are not currently able to use an app to facilitate their scholar-related tasks. The current STEM EE website allows scholars to view a calendar of events, check scholar’s requirements, and log their events; however, there is not presently a way for scholars to track their events. Each scholar is required to log events or hours in each of the following categories: events, mentoring, involvement, and ePortfolio posts. With various categories and multiple requirements for each category, tracking what a scholar has or has not done can be challenging. I knew there had to be a better, more convenient way for scholars to access the same information on the website and track their events in the same location. With the aforementioned in mind, I decided to create a STEM Ease app specific to the needs of STEM EE scholars.

Although I could have simply improved the current website instead of creating an app, I believe an app is a better choice due to the inherent convenience that an app offers. A 2016 Flurry Analytics’ study found that when individuals are using a mobile device, 90% of their activity occurs on an app instead of on an internet browser [1]. The majority of students would prefer using an app over using a website, simply because they are able to access the app, with or without internet connection, on a device that they can easily carry with them at all times. Even though websites offer compatibility across various devices and operating systems, they are unable to offer offline access, convenience, and personalization that an app can [1]. The main issue with a mobile app is that is must be coded multiple times for different operating systems. However, all incoming Ohio State freshman receive an iPad if they started in the fall of 2018 or later [2]. Due to this, the majority of STEM EE scholars have access to an iOS device with the ability to download an iOS app. Instead of having STEM EE scholars use a website and track their events separately, a STEM Ease app would allow scholars to complete multiple tasks in one place. With the creation of this app, scholars will be able to track their scholar activities more easily and efficiently. With less time invested in tracking requirements, scholars will be able to invest more time in what really matters: engaging with the community around them.