About Me

Aspiring applications developer Paige Bormann is a fourth year Computer Science & Engineering major at The Ohio State University. She is a STEM Exploration & Engagement Scholar and a member of the Association of Computing Machinery – Women’s Chapter. Paige is also a Student Network Engineer at Ohio State’s Telecommunications Network Center (TNC). She writes Python scripts and tests them with a Unix system to automate the tedious tasks of network engineers. Her scripts have helped automate device configuration changes, delete duplicate or outdated entries from a database, and find information associated with specific domain names or IP addresses across multiple APIs. More specific information about her projects at the TNC can be found in Paige’s Artifacts. Paige’s experiences at the TNC have reinforced her passion for creating applications to improve the lives of others. Her passion has pushed her to lead a three-day  AspireIT program, speak at the 2018 Columbus Women in Tech Conference, volunteer at events aimed towards exposing young girls to technology, and complete her first iOS application. The app, STEM Ease, is designed with the needs of fellow STEM Exploration & Engagement scholars in mind and aims to help scholars better keep track of their progress through the program. As her fourth and final year of college starts, Paige is excited about exploring post-graduation opportunities and making the most of her final year as an undergraduate student.


BONUS: My personality type is INFJ. Learn more about what this means by reading Personality Type: The Good & The Bad.