Transferable Skills

Although my resume¬†highlights my past achievements and jobs, a few things that aren’t explicitly stated on my resume are my transferable skills. As a student and employee at The Ohio State University, I have improved and gained many transferable skills throughout my time as a first-year student.

As an engineering student, I have taken two courses that are focused on the engineering design process and teamwork. In both of these classes, I have been a part of a four-person team tasked to complete various assignments throughout the semester. The first course focused on programming a MATLAB game and the second course focused on researching, designing, and testing an autonomous electric vehicle.¬† Regardless of the project my team was working on, the ability to work well with my teammates was crucial. I quickly learned that delegating tasks based on each team members’ area of expertise was most effective and that setting team deadlines a few days before the actual project deadline was vital to ensure all of the work was cohesive and complete. Along with learning how teams can be most productive, I have also learned how to manage conflict within teams. On several occasions, team members have either not submitted their work on time or their work was not satisfactory based on project guidelines. Due to this occurring, I now have experience with confronting someone in order to have an open and honest conversation about their work. Being able to talk openly with team members, even when the situation is uncomfortable, is a skill that I will continue to use whenever I work with a team.

As an employee, I have learned a great deal about personal motivation and time management. I currently have two jobs working as an office assistant at Ohio State’s Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Building and working as a remote office assistant for the Canal Winchester Chamber of Commerce. With both jobs, I work 10-20 hours a week. As a full-time student, I would not normally want to work two jobs. However, since I am paying for my own college education, I need both jobs in order to afford my next semester. Paying for college and working multiple jobs requires a great deal of personal motivation and time management skills. I constantly balance the course load of a full time student with two jobs so that I can eventually achieve the future that I want: graduating college in four years with minimal debt. Achieving this goal will not be an easy task, but I am determined to put in the work and make necessary sacrifices in order to achieve my goal. The ability to be motivated to achieve a goal and manage my time wisely is applicable in numerous situations and I will continue to use these skills throughout my personal and professional life.

Although I have gained these skills within my first year at Ohio State, I know that as I grow as a student and employee, I will continue to gain even more valuable, transferable skills. These skills will ultimately help me find a job upon entering the workforce as well as make me a more well-rounded individual.

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