Creative Code Project

During my first semester at Ohio State, I took a Fundamentals of Engineering course. In this course, students are assigned to a group of four people that they work with throughout the semester to complete various assignments. After learning MATLAB and the engineering design process, each group was tasked with creating their own MATLAB game. Most groups created one main game with one to two separate mini games to satisfy all the project requirements. My group, however, decided to create one game with two mini games integrated into the main game.

Although integrating all of the games into one was not going to be an easy task, my team was determined to┬ácomplete this challenge. We had to not only program the entire game, but we also had to document our progress on a project website. My team quickly decided that the best way to complete this assignment was to assign each person a specific portion of the game that they would be the “expert” on. The person assigned to a specific portion would be responsible for coding and documenting that portion of the game.

I had never worked with four people to complete a coding project before, but this project helped me see the value in delegating tasks. Creating the game would have been much more challenging if we tried to write all of the code together. Dividing the tasks and having an expert in every area of the game made it much easier to discuss the project as a group. Whenever something was not working properly, we knew exactly who we needed to ask about how to fix it. We were also able to monitor our progress more efficiently since we could easily tell who had done their work and who hadn’t.

After all of our hard work, my team finally had a finished MATLAB game at the end of the semester. The game, called Adventure Awaits, was an adventure game in which players navigated through various dungeons and earned XP to defeat monsters. After a player successfully made it through a dungeon, they would be able to play a mini game, War or Sevens, to gamble their XP for future levels. To better understand our game, watch the video my team made advertising our game.

When reflecting about the game my team made, there are various ways in which the game could be improved. For example, the graphics could be improved and the monsters could move instead of remaining stationary. Despite these areas that could be improved, this project helped me understand the importance of trust when working in a group as well as the need for delegating tasks. I look forward to applying these skills to various other coding projects in the future.


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