Education Abroad Expo (Campus)

The Education Abroad Expo was an interesting way for me to get more informed about studying abroad at Ohio State. Traveling to another country is something I have always wanted to do in college, but at times it can seem overwhelming. For instance, such a large amount of time spent abroad has been intimidating to me. At this event, however, I got to hear first-hand about the experience and how real students spent their time. It surprised me to hear that most of them worked long days and did not have much extra time. They explained that the internships were like real jobs, and therefore they were very taxing on them. Aside from some time spent being tourists, most of their time was spent either at their program, in transportation, or feeding themselves. Although this may sound difficult, to me it sounds like a challenge that I would enjoy embracing. Another interesting point is that three students were outside of the country, and therefore were surrounded by different languages. Since I want to travel to a Spanish speaking country, it was interesting to hear a variety of experiences with foreign languages. It seemed like they enjoyed the experience, especially if they spoke the language spoken around them. Overall, the event made me even more excited to go abroad, and it gave me valuable advice from students who had the same experience I want to pursue. 

IA Mini-Involvement Fair (Campus)

In contrast to the massive involvement fair at the beginning of the year, the International Affairs Mini-Involvement Fair was a quaint, refreshing experience which fulfilled its purpose for me. While at the first involvement fair it was difficult to find the clubs that pertained to me, here the clubs were all in my field of interest. At the beginning of the event, I headed down with my usual friends of IA, and it was pleasing to see that almost the entirety of our eighth floor was in attendance. As I went through booth to booth, I enjoyed hearing about the interesting ways that I could get involved. One club called Engineers Without Boarders club caught my eye early on. In addition to international affairs, I am also interested in engineering, so this club seemed to fit align well with my passions. They explained that they are an international organization which comes up with engineering solutions in underdeveloped countries. However, I was not sure if I would fit in being a finance major. When I told them my major, though, they explained that they were in desperate need of business majors to do marketing and CSE spreadsheets for the club. It reminded me that business applies to everything, and there will be numerous opportunities for me to follow my dreams of doing business internationally at OSU.