About Me


Since I was a little girl, I have dreamed of becoming a doctor.  Growing up in Carmel, Indiana and attending Carmel High School, I was given more opportunities in academics and partook in more rigorous courses than the average high school student.  Throughout my academic career I have excelled in math and science, particularly biology and anatomy, with unique experiences, such as participating in cadaver labs and the American Chemistry Society Chemistry Olympiad.  In addition to these classes, my experiences on a medical mission trip in Guatemala, cemented my desire to help others in the medical field.  I was given the chance to work in the pharmaceutical sector and to assist the check-ups provided for the children in the rural communities.  Having the firsthand encounter with deprived and diseased children taught me the significance of hands on work.

While keeping up my academics, I participated in numerous organizations at my school, including National Honor Society, German National Honor Society, German Club, Key Club, and Lifelines.  These various service and cultural clubs allowed for my specific interests in serving others and the German culture to develop and cultivate, all the while reaffirming or disproving what I defined as important.  The only part of my life that I value as highly as my education is my faith life.  I was raised in a Christian home; however, my involvement in religious organizations continuously solidifies my beliefs and values.  My junior year of high school I was given the opportunity to lead a Girl’s Discipleship, or bible study for girls grades sixth through twelfth.  Being a leader among my peers was a challenging experience, yet it taught me what it truly meant to be a leader: to give one’s undivided thoughts and show unfailing compassion towards every single person involved.

Discipline, organization, leadership, and compassion drive the core of my existence.  I continuously strive to cultivate each and every one of these characteristics, in order to better myself and my community.  My family has taught me to be generous with my gifts and my services in every situation I encounter, whether that be academic, relational, spiritual, etc.  Furthermore, growing up in a family of six, I have gradually learned the importance of working with others, without losing my individuality and independence in thoughts and actions.

I aspire to expand my education after earning a BS as a Biology major during undergraduate in medical school, particularly in an urban setting, and to one day become a doctor.  The combination of my love of science and serving others will hopefully allow for me to excel in the awe-inspiring field of medicine.  Despite specific interests in oncology and internal medicine, I plan to explore all the options the medical field has in store.  It is my goal to become involved in the research opportunities that the Ohio State University and more specifically the honors program provide.


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Global Awareness:  Of all of the attributes included in the G.O.A.L.S., this one is particularly significant.  With the intent of minoring in German, I will learn the ins and outs of an entirely different culture.  Hopefully, I will be able to partake in a study abroad program for German and if not then one related to biological sciences.  By doing so, I will get a firsthand experience of what it is like to live elsewhere on this earth.  It is crucial to try to understand the world and its variety in order to broaden your horizons.

Original Inquiry:  As a Biology major with the intent of going to medical school, I hope to join a research project on campus.  I find research relating to oncology and pathology fascinating and will pursue involvement in a lab on campus or in the Columbus area potentially.  After finding a position, I will determine whether or not attempting to graduate with research distinction is the right choice for me.

Academic Enrichment:  Academics are one of the most important components of my life.  I plan on developing a challenging, yet manageable schedule with honors courses included.  Also, I plan on forming study groups and utilizing office hours to stay on top of my.  Hopefully, exposure to various courses will solidify my interests in terms of future careers.

Leadership Development:  Throughout my time here at Ohio State I plan on joining a few clubs on campus and once I find my fit, focusing my skills and leadership in one.   Leadership is important in the development of self and can present itself in numerous forms.  It can be through literal authority positions; however, it can also be shown through interactions with other people and the choices one makes.

Service Engagement:  As a Christian, I highly value serving others.  When I went on a medical mission trip to Guatemala, my desires to become a doctor and serve others was solidified.  Currently, I am a volunteer at The Ohio State University Hospital on campus, which I hope to continue doing the rest of my time here.  Also, I plan on joining a religious service organization on campus and learn more about the various mission trips that they offer.

Year in Review

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