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  • Dr. Cynthia Dassler, from the Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology,  will create the student-authored Organismal Diversity textbook during Book Launch. With this project, Dassler is blazing a trail at Ohio State, redefining her class structure, curriculum, and assignments to facilitate learning using this digital textbook. We believe it will serve as a model for future student-authored textbooks at OSU and around the world.
  • From the College of Medicine, Dr. Karen Wood will be creating the Outpatient Pulmonary Medicine textbook for use with students studying in the Pulmonary Clinic.  Dr. Wood has some experience as an iBooks Bootcamp attendee, and joined Book Launch with plans to expand and enhance her previous project.
  • Department of Theatre course coordinator for Theatre 2100 Melissa Lee will be working to update and enhance the textbook Theatre 2100: The Art of the Now.  With the help of the department chair and author and an online instructor, we’ll work with Melissa’s team to provide training in iBooks Author and to establish a repeatable process for updates so they may continue to add or change content in the future.  This process will help to establish a model for other book launch authors who will need to participate in the same processes after creation of their book.
  • Melinda McClimans, Assistant Director of the Middle East Studies Center, will create The Middle East in World Affairs: Oil, Geopolitics and Socio-Cultural History, a textbook targeted for a general education course, but with content that will easily reach beyond the walls of OSU. Made up of original lecture notes, course materials, and enhanced with video, this project will engage readers while making the content accessible to a wide audience.
  • Kylienne Clark, from the School of Environmental and Natural Resources, heads a project to produce A Collection of Environmental Essays.  This unique project will create a model for other student-authored essay collections, and will bring the content to life with video and interactive elements.
  • From the University Libraries Teaching and Learning Department, Robyn Ness heads the Library Research Skills for Higher Education digital book project.  This book will gather and organize a collection of materials for research that is currently only available online.  Ness and the ODEE team will be creating the content in both an ePub format and the iBooks Author digital book format in order to expand their audience.
  • Dr. Elena Foulis, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, will work to create her book Latino Stories Across Ohio, recounting oral histories of Latinos in Ohio to supplement her course work.  This multi-lingual book will take full advantage of the interactive features iBooks Author offers, including interviews, videos, audio, and photos.  Due to its approachable writing style,  interactive media, and aesthetically pleasing presentation, this book promises wide appeal to non-academic readers and scholars alike.
  • From the Wexner Medical Center Department of Family Medicine, Dr. Laurie Belknap will be creating her digital book, Interactive Guide to Physical Examination.  Available for the College of Medicine curriculum and physician office staff training beyond OSU, Belknap will update the content and adapt the current CD ROM format into a media-rich digital book.

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