Call for Second Book Launch Cohort Proposals

Apply Now for the Spring 2015 Book Launch Cohort!
Applications for the spring Book Launch cohort are now being accepted. The Book Launch program provides an opportunity to write and produce digital texts with ODEE to be used in the classroom and beyond. Accepted proposals will become part of a cohort, which is a group of teams or individuals from around the university who are each completing a digital book during the Book Launch project cycle. All members of the cohort will work together to provide feedback and support each other throughout the process. They will also attend two bootcamps together during the five month period, complete a project plan, get 1:1 and group training from ODEE.

Selected projects receive up to 80 hours of ODEE staff expertise and financial resources including $500, with a 1:1 department match totaling $1,000. They will also receive a MacBook Air to use throughout the development of their book. Finally, ODEE will provide any additional equipment, training and support to facilitate book production throughout the project lifecycle.

Instructors interested in the Spring 2015 Book Launch cohort are encouraged to register for the information session Thursday, Oct. 23 in the Stillman Hall Digital Union (145) or complete an application.

The deadline to apply is November 7, 2014. 


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