Humans of OSU

Peter Bonavita is a Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University.

“I’m a stressball. Always have been. When I was little, I used to pester Mom and Grandma, “what are we going to do today?” Everyday, before breakfast, 6-year-old Peter had to know the plan.

In many ways, 22-year-old Peter’s still the same kid. Deadlines, the to-do-list, constant figuring on “where to next” – those things all hang over my head. Wandering has never been an option, I have to be moving forward – am I going in the right direction today? At certain points in college, worrying like that has consumed all of my strength, and more than once caused me to crumble.

My younger brother’s not like me. We live together now, and I’m amazed by his easy-going approach to every day. Life doesn’t wear on Dan; he glides through it. He’s got drive, but he doesn’t let that get in the way of enjoying the moment. We could all learn something from a guy like Dan.

When I think back on my life so far, my favorite memories don’t come when I’m white-knuckling my way down the road. They come when I’m free-wheeling. I don’t know what my life’s story is quite yet: its unfinished, there’s no outline in place. In the past, that would’ve scared me; it would’ve freaked 6-year-old Peter out. As year 23 rolls through, I’m looking forward to living more of life outside the tracks.”

– Peter Bonavita

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