My First Week at OSU

The first week was a whirlwind.  With countless faces and names being thrown my way, I must admit that asking someone where they are from and what their name is has become more of a simple conversation starter rather than something I can genuinely remember after the first time.  Though I would love to remember all of the names and places, I still have to think about where I am going and what in the world I am doing 100% of the time, so many of the names get lost.  I came from one of the most diverse cities in America, so moving here and knowing that the majority of people are from the same place is almost more intimidating to me than anything.  Though I understand that everyone has a relatively different background, the lives they have lived are so very different than mine.  When people relay the towns they are from, I am often surprised at how many of them are from very close to each other or even the same area.  I dove straight into the diversity in DC, and to hear everyone claim that there is so much diversity here is interesting to me, despite the fact that I know it is not in reference to the global diversity I became accustomed to.  Not to say there is a lack of diversity by any means, but it is just a different category of it in my eyes.  Anyway, my first few classes made it clear to me that so many people here were the top of their classes, so now that we are all here the bar of expectation has changed, and that is definitely something to get used to.  I love feeling challenged to work hard and improve everyday, so I am looking forward to what my peers will teach me along with the vast curriculum I will experience.

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