Women’s Event: Sculpting your Future

Sculpting Your Future is an event designed to empower women and allies. It features a keynote, workshops, and networking opportunities. The event is scheduled for TBA focusing on professional development and personal growth. Students will meet experienced professionals and network with company representatives during workshops. The overarching objective is that all attendees will leave inspired and equipped to empower themselves and others.


3:00-3:30 Registration and Welcome
3:30-4:30 Keynote
4:30-5:30 Workshops 1 and 2
5:30-6:30 Industry and Faculty Panel
6:30-7:30 Workshops 3 and 4
7:30-8:30 Networking Dinner and Closing Speech

In the year 2019, we had keynote speaker Dr. Whitty Bradley (the founder and CEO of Chicks with MDs and Loop Plastic Surgery, S.C.) who created a discussion with attendees focusing on the importance of diversity, ethical fortitude, and “taking a seat at the table.” In addition, we had two breakout sessions featuring speakers Dr. Elizabeth Newton and Dr. Mara Mason who gave insight into molding current habits and taught techniques on how to create a stronger you for tomorrow.