Why Choose BME at Ohio State?

There are tons of graduate programs throughout the country, but Ohio State has an amazing biomedical engineering graduate program. So why should YOU choose Ohio State? Well, don’t take our word for it. Read some of the amazing things our BME graduate students have to say about their time at Ohio State and why they chose to be a Buckeye!

“My ultimate deciding factor for choosing OSU over other universities was the good working relationship I saw with my advisor and the high interest I had for the lab’s research. I think advisor relationship and the interest in the research they do are the two main factors to consider when choosing where to go for graduate school.” –Luke Lemmerman, 3rd year PhD Candidate

“I attended Ohio State for my undergraduate studies, and when it came time to choose a graduate school, I just could not leave. The connections I had built with professors and faculty made me feel supported and valued and they were also able to offer me two fellowships to support my education and research. The resources and collaborative spirit at Ohio State are unmatched, and Columbus is truly a great place to live.” –Maddie Grosklos, 2nd year PhD Student