Meet Your Officers!

President: Jordan Moore

I am Jordan Moore, originally from Springfield, OH. Prior to joining the BME graduate program, I obtained my B.S. in Applied Mathematics. I am now a 3rd year Ph.D. Candidate in the Gallego-Perez lab. My research explores the potential for cell-based therapeutics to aid in peripheral nerve injury repair/recovery. I aspire to remain in academia and eventually run an independent research lab. When not in the lab, I most enjoy spending time with my family/friends, sports, and working out.

Vice President: Luke Lemmerman

Hello everyone, my name is Luke Lemmerman. I am currently a second-year PhD student in department of Biomedical Engineering and am a member of Dr. Gallego-Perez’s lab where my research pertains to developing cell-based therapies using an electroporation-based form of gene therapy/cell reprogramming for the treatment of diseases such as diabetes and ischemic stroke. I plan to pursue a career in industry after obtaining my doctoral degree and work towards bringing regenerative therapies to the clinic. My personal hobbies include any type of physical activity (playing sports, working out, you name it), watching Cleveland Browns Football (crossing my fingers we make the playoff this year), spending time with my family and trying new craft beers at breweries.

Treasurer: Megan Co

I’m a 3rd year PhD student in Biomedical Engineering. My research is related to biomechanics of the spine. I focus on a technique called magnetic resonance elastography to image intervertebral discs to non-invasively obtain material property values from them in order to better inform disc degeneration and low back pain. I hope to find a job in industry in the future. I’m originally from Oregon and did my undergrad at the other OSU (Oregon State University). I love playing basketball and tennis in my free time, but recently I’ve been trying to get more into running and cycling. I am a die-hard Portland Trail Blazers fan. Go Blazers!!

Communications Chair:

Basia Gabela-Zuniga

Hello, I am a 3rd year PhD candidate in Dr. Samir Ghadiali’s lab and my research focuses on developing a microfluidic ventilator-on-a-chip to study ventilator induced lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome. After graduation, my goal is to obtain a job in industry in a research-based environment. I was born and raised in sunny southern California where I obtained by Bachelor’s degree from UC Merced. In my free time, I enjoy working out, especially weight lifting and spending time with my fiancé and friends. When it’s nice outside, I also enjoy hiking and biking.

Outreach Chair:

Heather Struckman

I am a 3rd year PhD graduate student in Dr. Veeraraghavan’s lab. Our research focuses on understanding how nanodomain level structural changes within the heart may precipitate organ level electrical dysfunction seen in atrial fibrillation. My ultimate goal is to continue on the path of academia to become a professor specializing in cardiac arrhythmias. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve as the outreach chair for BME graduate student association and the events to come. During my spare time I enjoy lounging on the couch with my two miniature dachshunds (Ginger and Fritz) and rock climbing.

Social Chair: Gregory McClanahan

Hello, my name is Gregory McClanahan, and I am a 2nd year PhD student in Dr. Walter’s lab. I’m currently studying the mechanobiology and biomechanics of the IVD (intervertebral disc) to identify how and why lower back pain develops. In my spare time I like to read, play board games, and listen to music. I was born in Charleston, WV, grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC, completed my undergrad in Raleigh, NC, and completed my MS in Huntington, WV. After I graduate, my plans are to travel across the US, Canada, and East Asia and look for a position as a post-doc.

Wellness Chair:

Summer Gallentine

Summer Gallentine received her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the Ohio State University, and is currently a 3rd year BME PhD candidate in Heather Powell’s lab. Her projects include studying and developing engineered skin alternatives and applications for mechanically altered wound environments. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, reading, and camping. As the current chair for the Wellness Subcommittee, she aims to improve the availability of mental health resources, involving students in mental health discussions, and bringing awareness of overall wellness to the department.