Module 6: searching and researching

I really enjoyed this module; since it talked about research papers. Since I am a science major I won’t be writing too much. At least I think I won’t have to. Regardless this module helped a lot with refreshing my memory and answering questions. Specifically on slide eleven  it talks about research questions. This slide is extremely useful. It has six bullet points about topics, devolving a research question, and narrowing it down. This has always been a struggle for me. I know in college a thesis statement is super important. The thesis must be consistent, because it sets up structure to the entire paper to follow. So if the thesis doesn’t make sense then the body paragraphs will be out of order. The most important thing I noted from this lesson was utility, quality, and realizability.  Having an article that is not too elaborate, credible, up to date, with a organized page is important to papers. This would not only help me with trusting the information; I can create a work cited much easier and trust the information that I am using. Another topic I liked learning about was the Boolean logic slide. I think this goes farther beyond research and papers. This is something awesome to have in general whenever you need to quickly google something. This logic saves time on everything since we practically google everything anyways. This module was really good for me since I learned a lot about the different components of a paper and how to research certain topics.

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