Module 4 web enhanced reading

One tip I found particularly useful was the video on slide 5 by Jen Jonson. The Sq3r method. It was a really great tip for reading texts. I never really thought about skimming a text before reading it. Jonson also explains that noting questions while skimming or reading helps you answer big questions that are easily forgettable. I’ve always imagined studying to be the most effective when you spend long nights drowning head in books, research and assignments just to get a good grade. According to the infographics show it’s scientifically proven this is not the most effective way. One of suggested ways for effective studying was exercising. Getting blood flow through the brain allows chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine to be released. This results better attention span and a better mood for studying. The infographic also says cramming is the least effective way to retain memory. It is almost impossible to remember something a few hours before a bug exam, because the though will not remain inside your long term memory. This is important to me, because it reminds me that I should never cram or wait to start studying. Things will go into my long term memory if start early and review it. I plan on trying to get regular exercise. Going on runs in the afternoon to keep fresh blood in my system, and keep my mood in a better place.

Two big things I picked up towards the end of the lesson that I really liked were multitasking and technology tools that boost learning. One of the biggest problems I face is multitasking. I often struggle with multitasking, especially having a Tv on in the background. This always leads to me wasting a lot of time. It really makes me wonder if I would just do the work first, and then rest later I would have more free time. I also agree that online learning can be really effective. I’ve used sources like quizlet and jeopardy. They are really good to substitute instead of physical ways to study.

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