Blog Post For Module 3: Time Management

This was a really important module for me; because it dealt with procrastination and managing tasks. Slide eleven stood out to me; since it talked about “getting more out of your 24”. This is honestly the biggest reason I started two jobs. It’s not like I woke up one day and my mom said “get ready you have a interview at Kroger”. Seriously tho working to jobs and taking online classes was is on me and I can’t complain about, because it’s my choice. The whole reason I’ve kept these three things is, because i’ll do nothing all day but try hard at video games, watch Netflix, YouTube, browse Tik Tok, and hang out with my friends every day two throughout the weeks. This is all I’ve done for like fourteen years of my summer. I noticed that it feels really pointless and I don’t remember half the stuff I do that summer. This summer I wanted to change that by earning money. The biggest reason I started working two jobs was, because my friend started at a warehouse for his job. He told us for his first pay check, I couldn’t believe he was getting payed more than 700$ a week. Meanwhile I am working at Kroger barley putting out 300 a week. I was not  jealous, because he was making way more than me. I just felt like I was at a disadvantage when I could be matching his pay. I hate the feeling of being behind. I feel like I have always been behind others in life. The feeling idea of them being oh man “I’m” set for college means more than you would think. In that statement the person is mentoring something they have that you don’t. That sound really envious and jealous. It’s the truth in all honesty. If I sit at home playing video games, watching Netflix, and scrolling through social media for fifteen or sixteen hours seven days a week what am I really doing with life. Well i’m enjoying it if i’m telling the truth. I realized though as I did these things all day other people would just get ahead of me while I wasted life in a virtual fantasy dream. I understand money does not bring happiness nor should I obsessed in materialistic things. The fact is money still plays a factor in my next upcoming journey to college. I might as well give up my summer for better times ahead hopefully.

Getting back on track doing all this; I now know it’s not as easy as it sounds. A video on slide 8 by Tim Urban hit the nail on its head about procrastination. I really hate the feeling. The feeling of anxiety, stress, plan a,b,c, knowing you’re going to get a bad grade. It all sucks. The mid blowing part is procrastination, stress and bad grades can all be prevented. If I get to college procrastinate, get bad grades, and stress myself out I will never forgive myself. I know college can be a bumpy stomach turning roller coaster, but there is no need to add extra spins or drops to the ride. The three biggest points I took were: breaking down large tasks, making a calendar, and using google sheets. These are ways that really helped me keep track of time. Procrastination is a mental thing as long as I mentally keep training my self with good habits I think I’ll be fine.











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