Terms of Service & Footer Text

We updated the U.OSU Terms of Service to accommodate departmental sites in an official Ohio State capacity. This change stems from university departments recognizing the value of the free, university-supported web platform.

On Thursday, December 18, you’ll notice a new footer option in the Customize menu on your Dashboard. It will allow people managing official sites to replace the default language with a departmental footer.

Default footer text will remain the same; it states that the content is owned by the person who developed the site. The new option only applies to sites that contain content or ideas owned by an entity within Ohio State. For example, a site that officially represents the staff, offerings, and events of a department, is a candidate for the departmental footer.

Next time you log in, please accept the updated terms before continuing to your site. If you are managing a departmental site, visit the Resource Center for instructions on how to change your footer.

U.OSU sites are intended to support and represent professional and educational activities at Ohio State. The possibilities under that umbrella are very wide. Create a simple profile or a class blog, house an academic portfolio, manage a student org, share research findings, or document a study abroad experience. If your site content falls within the personal-professional realm, and complies with Terms of Use, the direction is up to you. If you are building a departmental site, utilize the departmental footer, check for College and Campus branding, and design the site to meet your unit’s official needs.