WordPress 4.1 Update

U.OSU will update to WordPress 4.1 on Friday, January 23. User interface changes are minor with a few noted improvements, including features to help you focus, share media simply, and save time editing images.

Read the complete update rundown, get familiar with WordPress by viewing a Lynda tutorial, or contact u@osu.edu with any questions.

Distraction Free Writing

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 11.04.03 AMUpdates to Distraction Free Writing provide a clutter-free zone for writers. Focus mode eliminates unnecessary distractions by hiding the admin sidebar and panels. Activate Focus mode by selecting the icon on your tool bar, simply move your mouse out of the editor to reveal everything again. Note that posts cannot be published while full screen. Remember to publish or schedule your post when returning to the admin view.

Intuitive URL Embeds

Sharing media is easy with 4.1. Whether you’re embedding a YouTube video, clip from Vine, or a photo from Imgur, simply place the URL for the media you wish to display on its own line in a post or page and you’re good to go. Check out the full list of embeddable URLs to streamline your next upload.

Inline Image Editing

Orienting images can often be a frustrating task,  you can now easily align images without opening the media editor. The inline image tool bar appears when you click on an image, allowing you to see results as edits are made. It takes the guesswork out of photo alignment, so your posts look great without the fuss.

Visit the Resource Center for Help Articles and FAQs. Stop by a workshop for hands-on training.